What can you do to help ?

What you can do:

  1. Email your local Councillors voicing any concerns about the loss of the Stadium. Find your local Councillors using this website. It couldn’t be easier, you type in your postcode and it will allow you to send an email to all your local representatives. They are duty bound to respond to you so please chase them up if the do not respond.
  2. Write to the Mayor of London – there’s an easy online form to fill in here: http://www.boris-johnson.com/contact/

10 Responses to What can you do to help ?

  1. Sheila Delaney says:

    I have already e mailed the council and also L&Q. I attended the march in August 08, but please notify me of any future marches/campaigins linked to the Saveourstow campaign. I understand there was a march recently, but I never got told about it, and would have attended.

  2. michael says:

    I would love to see the stow open again . it should be a conservation area , been there for 75 years , the working classes dont have anything left , tories , labour doesnt matter look how london has changed, all about the property market , its a national disgrace .

  3. Lloyd Baker says:

    before its too late and another land mark is wipped off the map .refuse planning permission for the stow. re-open it as a dog track and give people something to do . all the pubs are closing and people have nothing to do..this is our History once its gone its gone SAVE IT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE PLEASE !!!

  4. Junior says:

    Anyone know of a blog for all L & Q Resident’s you can see Chief Executive Blogs on the website. But cannot see a Resident’s Blogs to have our say not only on this subject please and if so I like to hear from all over London areas and again go and see the benefits and perks these staff get at this public funded Housing Association.

    If not can you set up a blog

  5. Owen says:

    Can anyone tell me where I could purchase a Save Our Stow t-shirt? I know some exist somewhere but am having trouble locating them.

  6. jeff gosnell says:

    i was born in walthamstow and all my family use to go to the dogs for a great night out . i live in harlow essex now which has a dog track but is not the same please let us know what we can do to save it

  7. VINCENT BURKE says:

    Please let me know how I can help with the campaign ahead of the matter being considered by the London Mayor.

  8. Michael says:

    Did you know mike johnson has now left l&q?

  9. Jan says:

    I have heard an offer has been put in this week (May 2013) can anyone confirm same and what is the current state of play?

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