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This a suggested email … Just copy and paste it

“Dear Mr Pickles,

I’m writing to you as a concerned taxpayer to ask you to exercise your power as Secretary of Stateor Communities and Local Government to call in the decision by Waltham Forest Council and the Mayor of London to approve planning for the Walthamstow Dogtrack to be turned into a housing estate. This is because I believe this development raises serious questions of national importance about value for money to the taxpayer.

In particular, I’m deeply troubled by the evidence that this development will lose money for L&Q – who receive public subsidy as a registered social landlord- given their own viability assessment which they sought to keep out of the public domain shows a loss of £14m. Furthermore, the nature of the section 106 agreement for this proposal is also unclear and there is a lack of any social housing in this development, despite being in an area with a need for such properties. Therefore,without scrutiny I am concerned that if this development goes ahead it may set a new and troubling
precedent on questions of value for money for housing, not just in Walthamstow but across the country. The existence of a viable alternative that is in keeping with the heritage of this site and would provide not only leisure facilities but also housing and living wage jobs further compounds the concerns many have about the decision to approve L&Q’s plans. As someone who has previously shown a strong interest in this development, please urgently exercise your power as Secretary of
State to call in this decision to ensure the public purse is not at risk from this proposal.

I look forward to a positive response and thank you for help in investigating this matter.

Yours Sincerely,”

Send this email to Eric Pickles by clicking here

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5 Responses to Email the Secretary of State now !!!

  1. Malcolm Jay says:

    Done it.

  2. Junior says:

    Iain Duncan Smith is “absolutely furious” with Boris Johnson over his decision to green light a huge housing development on the site of a popular dog racing track.

    The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions blasted the London Mayor during an interview with BBC London 94.9.

    On Tuesday Mayor Johnson approved London & Quadrant’s (L&Q) plans to build 294 homes on the Walthamstow Stadium, a scheme that has been fiercely opposed by locals and Walthamstow’s MP, Stella Creasy.

    IDS has fought to preserve dog racing at the stadium and has attacked L&Q’s failure to include any homes for social rent in its development plans, going as far as questioning the housing association’s status as a social housing provider.

    During the radio interview, IDS said: “I’ve been Secretary of State for a while. I tell you, you make tough decisions and sometimes officials tell you that this might happen but you say ‘well lots of things might happen but I tell you what will happen, I’m going to make a decision here’ and that’s what it takes to be in charge and be leader.

    “And sometimes you have to take a few risks but, honestly, people who live in the Walthamstow area are deeply, deeply disappointed in yesterday’s decisions and I am absolutely furious.”

  3. david says:


  4. darren bull says:

    We are behind you sos thanks for fighting this we love our dog track and wont let these l&Q Bastards destroy it we will fight to the last to save it

  5. Derek hart says:

    I have been going to the track for years till it closed I heve been really gutted they are going to demolish it for a housing estate they must be stopped.

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