Mayor: Walthamstow Dogs has had its day

Tonight’s Evening Standard has Walthamstow Stadium as one of it’s comments of the day!
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There is also a full piece with regards to the Mayor’s terrible decision not to intervene.
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2 Responses to Mayor: Walthamstow Dogs has had its day

  1. Alan Nattrass says:

    its a strange thing for boris johnson to say…….i went to alot of meetings before the closure and the attendance was very healthy, especially on the saturday meeting. The Chandlers used dwindling profits as a reason for selling and the council allowing a change of use. This can be very misleading as the income can be the same or even increase, but if director salaries and pensions are rapidly increased, this will affect profits drastically. Only one thing should have been consulted before drawing…..the dogs has had its day ……conclusion, and that was attendence receipts.This would give a true reflection and would make interesting reading. The fact that the Chandlers were able to manipulate figures and get 18 million for an assett worth about half of that seems to have been brushed under the carpet ???
    You could argue it was exceptionally shrewd business by them and you would have to think that the party took for a ride in this way would be licking their wounds, or jumping out of office windows…..but when you realise its actually me the tax payer that has helped buy this, no one is accountable !!!!
    ironically, i watched a Derren Brown programme last night that was recorded a few years back at the stadium……a large crowd, an electric atmosphere and hundreds of people enjoying a great night out…..ah well, its nostalgia now.

  2. Tom corderoy says:

    I totally agree with what Alan has said. Just want to add the following: The Chandlers hoodwinked not only the public but the greyhound trainers, staff, and media in the months leading up to the closure of the stadium. I went racing three times a week to the STOW, the Chandlers gave verbal reassurances to the trainers at a meeting that the track was safe and not for sale, that was end of 2007. The Chandlers were playing for time seeking how to squirrel even more money away into their ever bulging coffers- ironically they raised the price of food and drink to extortionate levels and Chandler himself would stand at the gates making sure old and young paid entrance fees and bought racecards before the place closed in the August of 2008.

    LQ, Boris, and the Chandlers were all in it for the money- it sure is the tax payer that is the loser, the family man with his hard earned cash that treated his family to a great night at the STOW, the old aged pensioners who I knew who suffered wartime hardship, and the staff whose jobs disappeared , some who had worked at the TOTE windows for years, it’s these people that Boris our so-called peoples Mayor has neglected and didn’t give a second thought about. What makes me sick is the statement he made publicly about the need to resurrect dog racing to Walthamstow again??? Unbelievable. Just hope IDS and Stella Creasey raise this topic in the HOuse of Commons very soon.

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