Iain Duncan Smith challenges Boris Johnson about dog track!

Speaking on London BBC 94.9 Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith says he is “absolutely furious” about London Mayor Boris Johnson’s approval of a scheme for Walthamstow dog track in east London.

The Chingford MP said his constituents had been asking “What’s the point of Boris?” and that he believed leaders had to take tough decisions.

To listen to the broadcast please click here

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3 Responses to Iain Duncan Smith challenges Boris Johnson about dog track!

  1. Vicki says:

    Boris never even replied to any letters or emails from the local community!!!

  2. Simon says:

    Bring back the Dogs for crying out loud! It was a great venue for an evening out… especially in the Summer! Come on… bring it back!

  3. Tom corderoy says:

    Vicki/Simon, your so right, only matter of time before the public in London wake up and realise that he is the wrong type of person to be Mayor of London, you need a born and bred Londoner who knows and understands people’s feelings, their communities and what pleases them. You must remember he was just looking at securing votes as it was a close run thing with him and Ken Livingstone, if the latter was in office we would be racing again very soon.

    yes, those summer nights were superb, very nostalgic. I drive past the STOW most mornings and could cry. I went racing there three times a week for years, met a great bunch of people who barring a few have lost touch totally with, the moneymen just don’t get It, they are in a different world to us. God Bless

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