MP’s dismay at Mayor of London’s decision !

Iain Duncan Smith MP and Stella Creasy MP said in a joint statement:

“We are deeply disappointed in the Mayor of London as we understood him to be in support of the dog track and our constituents voted for him partly on this basis. This isn’t over yet – we are taking the matter to Eric Pickles now.”

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5 Responses to MP’s dismay at Mayor of London’s decision !

  1. david andrews says:

    thank you both Iain and Stella this is abs scandulous its taking all this time? Boris must hang his head in shame and do the right thing to save face and resign !!!!!!…A travesty for the borough,, ive just seen his statement on waltham forest guardian web,,,,wat a abs joke,,, no planned racing for the stow??? Has he not seen wat sos have done or proposed??? maybe a turned blind eye

  2. Tom corderoy says:

    I totally agree with all comments left on this site-today ,is a very sad day indeed, SOS have fought a long hard battle all in vain, hopes had been raised only to be repeatedly dashed throughout this campaign. When all said and done money did talk!!! But the irony of it all it’s the tax payer who has been the loser here, L&Q were shown how shady their dealings had been from the very off with so called viability studies, resident support??? Iffy media studies, so-called affordable housing that ultimately nobody will be able to afford anyway- the list is endless.
    I feel aggrieved for greyhound racing and the community in Waltham Forest because they don’t deserve this smack in the face. What Boris failed to understand that employment, leisure and above all community spirit would have thrived if the STOW turnstiles were allowed to have re-opened once more, families thronged to the track every Saturday night as regular as clockwork and whoever said this track lost money year on year was as balmy as the mayor himself.

    Just hope that along with Ian Duncan Smith and Stellla Creasey and the SOS team continue the fight by escalating this higher than the mayors office and try and get an enquiry into how on earth L&Q are allowed to continue to trade on the basis of what has gone on over the past four years squandering tax payers money against all our wishes.

  3. June Seymour says:

    I thought Boris Johnson was genuine but he has now proved himself to be as bad as the rest! The Stow is part of Walthamstow and should be kept as it was, it was never empty and if you wanted a table to have dinner there it was months before you could get one – what is going on?!!!

  4. Andrew Lewis says:

    As somebody who’s grandad attended every meeting at the stow since its opening and myself enjoyed going.on some nights there were more staff than people having a bet.the face of the borough has changed over the years and the hunger for greyhound racing isn’t the same as it was people attended at the end more for nostalgic reasons. I hate L&Q and everything they stand for but accept that this fight is one SOS is not going to win Romford and Harlow are busy because the people who attended the stow in the past have moved to those areas. Most immigrant communities don’t see greyhound racing as a good night out I love Waltham forest and it’s diversity but am resigned to seeing my stow turn into another L&Q monstrosity hope I’m wrong

  5. malcolm cornwell says:

    how can the mayor of london have that title and show his face when he has blatently lied for votes, he does not give a damm he’s as bent as the bendy buses which he also destroyed for his own eago shame on you doris ooops boris i mean.

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