Boris Johnson approves L&Q’s housing plans.

London mayor Boris Johnson today approved London & Quadrant plans to build housing estate on Walthamstow Stadium.

Click to here here view the full document.

A further statement from Save Our Stow will follow.

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6 Responses to Boris Johnson approves L&Q’s housing plans.

  1. Tom corderoy says:

    I wrote a remark last month that I somehow knew that it would come down to this.

    Boris was only in it for winning Londoners votes to secure him his seat. This thoroughly odious person is beneath contempt in my eyes especially after prolonging the agony of his decision by repeatedly postponing decision dates.

    My late father always said to me ‘never trust a politician son’, boy how right he was.
    What this now means I am afraid is the demise of greyhound racing in the Uk, as for Walthamstow- I hope this becomes London,s crime capital on the scale the Bronx was in the seventies in New York- locals can then turn round to say our mayor created this””””

  2. malcolm cornwell says:

    boris johnson you are two faced person who has betrayed the people who voted for you typical polotition shame on you

  3. pat logue says:

    What a shocking outcome from the mayor,the”peoples mayor”,just breezed over the report and one reason given was basically they havent had dog racing there for 4 yrs so they can do without.Potential tory leader,i think boris you have scored a major own goal and will pay the price at your next election contest.I can hear your posh tory voice being interviewed in 20 yrs time admitting you knew you were killing dog racing and after all it was only walthamstow,not westminster.karma mr johnson karma.

  4. lewis fisher says:

    I’m sure is speak for Most here!!! Boris ure a complete Moron!! Massive thanks to S.O.S tho, over the past couple off years great effort chaps!!! Your efforts were Recognised and Noted by many many People, and will be remembered for many years.

    Am sad it just wasn’t ment to be. 😦


  5. sally button newly elected councillor for Bowthorpe Ward, Norwich. says:

    Totally agree….Where has the £2m suddenly “appeared”from? Is that on top of the alreday £21m+ loss? Absolutly unbelievable.. Totally gutted…….

  6. Tracy Nash says:

    He isnt in politics for the good of the people, like most of his type its a way fo a cushy life, shame on you boris

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