Date for Walthamstow Dog Stadium planning decision !

The mayor Boris Johnson will make his decision on Walthamstow Dog Stadium on Tuesday 30th October 2012.

So if like us you are outraged and astounded at this unashamed waste of public money, this is your last chance to email Boris and complain now !


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6 Responses to Date for Walthamstow Dog Stadium planning decision !

  1. Tink Hefferon says:

    Hi Boris, I hope you make the right decision regarding Walthamstow Dog Stadium and keep it open!!!!. We don’t live in London but me and my daughter traveled down to Walthamstow at least 2 to 3 times a week. We enjoyed the dog racing there and there are not many dog tracks left in the country. We hope that the hard work by SOS pays off!


    Tink Hefferon

    P.s a lot of people say I’m your double! lol

  2. david andrews says:

    come on Boris please save a community and a nation that loves greyhound racing, we can together stand firm against money men and tax payers takers,,,,all this time and nothing from l n q…what a total waste of time, money and common sense.

  3. lewis fisher says:

    Heyyy, any news on todays Procceedings????

  4. david andrews says:

    absolute u turn by boris, abs disgrace, i now ask boris to resign as london mayor , he has lost all respect , taxpayers money down down the drain, save face and resign you do not represent the real wishes of waltham forest,,, money talks..

  5. david andrews says:

    is it your job to u turn at any time moneys involved boris,,,this is not over believe me

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