Viability Assessment Released – L&Q‏ confirm they will lose ‘Millions’ on Stow Site !!

Boris due to make decision in days !!

The lCO office ruling (that was forced by a freedom of information act request) which led to Waltham Forest Council having to release the ” killer document” after a year long battle by the Saveourstow group, shows up one of the biggest scandals by a  Registered Social Landlord and a local council.

Boris Johnson now has very little choice but to call in the doomed site from the ill run local council. Boris has stated that one of his main concerns is viability and his preferred option has always been greyhound racing and a mixed use site to which L&Q plans do not offer but create a public purse scandal of a £24.1 million loss.

With Sir Edward Lister as an advisor, one of the most prudent men in planning in London and an excellent past leader of Wandsworth Council, the report will not make good reading and it will be a major surprise if he lets this go past the doors of City Hall. His past record of prudent values will show the ill run local council that the site should never have been at the doors of City Hall in the first place.

The actual losses (admitted by L&Q) are detailed in the in our summary briefing – Click here to view.

To view the original L&Q document please click here.

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1 Response to Viability Assessment Released – L&Q‏ confirm they will lose ‘Millions’ on Stow Site !!

  1. Junior says:

    Longer wait for dog track decision
    22 October 2012

    A decision on whether to allow new homes on the site of a former dog track has been delayed for a week.

    Waltham Forest Council in May granted permission for housing association London & Quadrant to build 294 homes on the site of Walthamstow Stadium in north east London, subject to approval by the Mayor of London.

    Boris Johnson was due to make a decision on whether to approve the plans on Wednesday. However, this has now been delayed for a further week due to ‘personal holiday commitment’.

    A Waltham Forest spokesperson said: ‘Following our formal referral to the Greater London Authority, we have been advised by the GLA that the Mayor of London could no longer consider the application on the 24 October due to personal holiday commitment.’

    ‘In the spirit of cooperation, our referral of the application has been withdrawn but has subsequently been resubmitted, giving the GLA a further 14 days to determine the application.

    ‘This has been done on the basis that the only reason for this was due to the Mayor of London’s holiday commitment and on the basis that the application will now be considered by the Mayor on 30 October.’

    L&Q’s plans have proved controversial. A campaign group called Save Our Stow has called for the site to instead be sold to millionaire Bob Morton. SOS claims Mr Morton would be able to re-introduce dog racing to the site.

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