Walthamstow greyhound stadium – a new era offering 500 full-time & 350 part-time jobs for Londoners‏!

Mayor of London 

Dear Boris,

We urge you on behalf of Londoners and the greyhound racing industry to honour your words in your letter dated 13th April 2012 (click here to view letter)

Save Our Stow & resident associations within Waltham Forest welcome the greyhound operators and multi millionaire Mr Bob Morton and Mr Frank Taylor.  Both operators offer the borough 500 full-time jobs vital to the community and 350 part-time jobs.  Both have signed up to the London living wage, to offer the local community a safe, multi-cultural site for use by the whole community. The suppliers to the track are vast and it would also kick start London’s night night economy and bring much needed visitors to East London.

You requested that the facilitators offer you a multi-use sporting site, with over 96 affordable houses (more than L&Q).  You simply cannot allow an RSL (L&Q) to use tax payer money to lose millions – as admitted in their own viability report submitted to the Labour council.  Iain Duncan-Smith stated that they are “property speculators using tax payer money”.  They also accused your Minister of lying – only to apologise later.

Use prudent Tory values and stop the local Labour wastage of tax payer money.

Bring back the Stow and the neon lights that lit up East London.

David Cameron stated that we must make hard decisions to get out of the slump.  So instead of wasting precious public sector money on this ill-conceived scheme, why not embrace the private sector investors to deliver a leisure facility, employment and even more affordable housing than L&Q can dream of?

Act for the local community!  We need a greyhound track in the capital.  The rich fabric of the iconic Stow, steeped in history, must become the beginning of the new era of your mayoral leadership and vision.

Yours sincerely

Rick Holloway

Save Our Stow

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1 Response to Walthamstow greyhound stadium – a new era offering 500 full-time & 350 part-time jobs for Londoners‏!

  1. Lloyd Baker says:

    save our stow , save walthamstows history. and bring back work and jobs for local people and fun for everyone

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