Stow – ICO Demand that LBWF Disclose Viability Assessment to SOS‏

Saveourstow is pleased to announce that the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has instructed London Borough of Waltham Forest to disclose to Saveourstow the full viability assessment which L&Q submitted with their planning application.

You can see from the Decision Notice (click HERE to view) the lengths that LBWF has gone to in an attempt to keep this information from you the public, the people that they are meant to independently serve.

The ICO has instructed the release of the viability information without even needing to consider the public interest aspect of this request.

Firstly they determined that the protection LBWF were seeking, relating to the course of justice, could not be applied retrospectively. Secondly the ICO states that it ….’does not consider that it has been shown that disclosure of the information would adversely affect the economic interests of L&Q’.

As Saveourstow said at the time of the application, there is no information in the viability assessment which is commercially confidential. It’s disclosure will not affect the commercial interest of L&Q, this information was kept secret for political reasons alone. When Saveourstow asked LBWF to explain the reasons why the viability information was commercially sensitive we were told that even such an explanation was commercially sensitive! Clearly this didn’t wash with the ICO.

We applaud the Information Commissioners Office for reaching this decision and for acting extremely professional and wholly impartially throughout.

Just ask yourself why would a supposedly independent body such as LBWF go to such lengths to defend L&Q?

We look forward with great interest to receiving the viability assessment from LBWF. We note that 35 days are allowed for issue of the required information and call on LBWF to finally act in the interest of the people of the borough (instead of for L&Q) and issue this viability information immediately. The ICO directive is clear and unequivocal, any further delaying tactics from the people at the council who are directing this matter cannot be allowed.


ICO Decision Notice


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1 Response to Stow – ICO Demand that LBWF Disclose Viability Assessment to SOS‏

  1. Jan says:

    Excellent decision, but it gives L & Q too much time to get up to more ‘tricks’. I would have liked the time limit to be 24 hours, to be sure no paperwork can be altered. I don’t trust L & Q or the councillors involved one bit.

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