Redacted L&Q Viability Assessment – Click to view

L&Q and London Borough of Waltham Forest have disgracefully colluded in order to keep the truth from the public-the truth being that their plans will waste multi millions of taxpayer money at a time when most people are struggling financially

Click the pdf file above to view the viability assessment forwarded by the council to Saveourstow as a result of a Freedom of Information request. You will note the blanked out pages-the pages that will reveal the truth.

We have said all along that L&Q’s scheme will waste multi millions of taxpayer money and this shows the lengths that both L&Q and Waltham Forest council will go to in order to hide the truth from YOU, the public.

Our appeal is currently with the Information Commissioners Office who will shortly rule whether the full viability assessment should be disclosed to us. If it is, we shall post it on this website.

You have a right to know how your money is being wasted and it is a public disgrace that L&Q and Waltham Forest Council are working together in order to stop you from seeing the truth.

We call upon the Mayor of London to stop this flagrant abuse of public money on a doomed development that nobody wants or needs.


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3 Responses to STOW COVER UP !

  1. david andrews says:

    so when does mr johnson give his decision, anybody know?

  2. Tom corderoy says:

    Answer to David’s question he raised about Johnsons decision- I might be wrong but in my opinion all Boris was interested in at the time was getting votes for elected Mayor of London. The likelihood of his involvement in this long standing saga must be considered remote especially now the OLympics are over and any feel good factor a distant memory.

  3. david andrews says:

    somehow tom im inclined to agree with you and yes i am cynical…but wasnt before our campaign… i hear the words the hares on the move?? not this year thats odds on..

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