Iain Duncan-Smith Government Minister issues L&Q with ultimatum

The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith, who had previously accused the housing association of acting like a property speculator in delaying the development of the site and insisted the community wants to see the return of racing, today  issued an ultimatum for L&Q to meet with Bob Morton & Frank Taylor.

He said: “L&Q is in a shambles. They must recognise they have got this very badly wrong. They absolutely must meet, if they don’t then I would have to go back to the Secretary of State to question their right and status as social housing providers.”

SOS urge the Government and the Mayor to act and stop the loss of the iconic “Stow” . We must stop the 26 million loss to the tax payer and we cannot gamble with the fact that in 30 years time the site might break even. L&Q’s plans offer the community nothing but high rise flats with no social rent and which in turn would break the fabric of the Borough. No resident gains anything from this fortress and the so-called employment opportunity is only temporary with just a handful of permanent jobs.

It is ridiculous to lose the opportunity of a lifetime from Bob Morton and Frank Taylor which gives the Borough everything it wants from hundreds of permanent jobs, social housing, a stadium fit to hold the greatest races with large corporate sponsorship from all over London. The stadium would be multi use for the whole community encouraging sporting activity for all ages.

Saveourstow urges the Mayor to save the tax payer millions and give the residents what they want, gain hundreds of  jobs locally and nationally. Boris would also be responsible for lighting up the famous neon lights of east London and leave a legacy for all with this unique multi use stadium Londoners could be rightly proud of.

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3 Responses to Iain Duncan-Smith Government Minister issues L&Q with ultimatum

  1. andy bishop says:

    Absolutely agree..there is nothing in this development for local residents. For L and Q to suggest they are investing 50 million in the local community is almost fraudulent. L and Q will make a loss but Quadrant Construction will make a massive profit ( check the directors out). To suggest local tradesmen will benefit is a falsity. Quadrant Construction will have their own registered trades. Of course the other winner is Waltham Forest Council with increased council taxation of circa £350K per annum doubled for six years by the government bonus scheme. The losers are local jobs, local economy, and local residents. The government must step in as the scheme failed on many fronts..everyone knows this.

  2. daftaida says:

    At last, some teeth are being bared, but will they bite? All that’s needed is for The Law to be applied. They can ‘play’ at meetings to kingdom come but really someone ought to be ‘man enough’ to bring the hammer down on this one for once and for all. Especially when in arrogant disregard for the people of Stow and the public purse. A deadline date and resolution date needs to be announced if it’s not to be no more than hot air.

  3. Junior says:

    This organisation is way too sharp for its own good; certainly for the tenants. All their energies are directed at enlarging their business and the attention they afford residents is minimal.
    Now threatening to contact Eric Pickles and ‘question L&Q’s ‘right to be a social housing provider.

    The “Quiet Man” has no power to derecognise any HA – and in any event, housing associations are the Con-Dems preferred vehicle for destroying democratically controlled public housing and Social Tenant.

    Aside from the fact that Mr Pickles has absolutely no say in the de-registering of housing associations.

    The only possible criteria for de-registration that could be relevant is a contravention of a requirement to ‘provide or intend to provide’ housing for below market rent.
    With Save our Stow L&Q to only offer 60 homes for affordable rent on the 294-home Walthamstow site due to viability concerns. There is a case for arguing the council should have done more to insist on more lower-cost housing.

    The organisation plans to build 1,980 new homes through the government’s affordable homes programme of which 1,196 – or 60 per cent – is for affordable rent. Yes, affordable rent is not social rent, but the association, like every other, is having to look at engaging in more risky behaviour to cross-subsidise low-cost housing.

    But that is the world we now live in, and the world that Iain Duncan Smith’s government has created.

    Mr Duncan Smith’s government has slashed capital grant, ended all grant support for new social homes and made it very clear it expects associations to take on more risk and generate more cross-subsidy themselves. If L&Q and others are building schemes with no social rented homes and more homes for sale it is doing what the government expects them to. It is now very difficult, particularly in London, for organisations to provide social rented homes as they will receive no grant for doing so.

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