Sporting stars supporting new bid to save world famous “Stow”‏

Iain Duncan Smith said: “I understand that Frank Taylor, a high-profile businessman, has now joined forces with Bob Morton to put together a bid for the site. I strongly urge London & Quadrant to meet these businessmen and discuss their bid. I understand that they are backed by some extremely high-profile sports figures such as Harry Redknapp. This bid would enable a future for greyhound racing at the site and would, I think, be very popular with local residents. I know that London & Quadrant have previously been closed to discussing alternative bids for the site but I hope that, with such a serious potential bid now on the table, they will see sense and meet these businessmen.”

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2 Responses to Sporting stars supporting new bid to save world famous “Stow”‏

  1. david wragg says:

    lets get it on

  2. andy bishop says:

    The Guardian are running a story that David Beckham maybe offered the civic honour of freedom of Waltham Forest. Surely one of the best things he could do for the local residents is to refuse on the basis he does not approve of what the disgraceful labour group have done.

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