Councillor Pye

Saveourstow has received news from Cllr.Pye that she claims that” women” at the planning meeting were threatened with violence and treated unfairly when they spoke .Cllr Pye also claimed that further threats to others were made . Funny L&Q made the same allegations when they were” fixing” public consultations.

Cllr.Pye the only people that have been treated” unfairly” are the people that ever voted you as a councillor. They had their rights taken away by you !!


This from a councillor that received private and confidential papers of Bob Morton from L&Q and then discredits Bob Morton in the media afterwards. The only people who wanted L&Q plans were the Labour Group because they” encouraged” the sale  as stated by Mike Johnson Director of L&Q. Even the Officers report lied to its own residents stating L&Q bought a vacant stadium in Aug 2008. The Council forgot to mention it was holding pre application talks with L&Q on the 14th may 2007 !! and L&Q had an option to buy  the land in July 2007 –  Total” Fix”

Saveourstow does not support any threats or violence to anybody…. But when you stop democracy and fix voting you ask for trouble.

The residents of this Borough know what the Labour group did and they will pay a heavy price at the next election. I wonder if they will become Robbins, Pye puppets again !!

Which Councillors will get promoted to the cabinet now and will Cllr Pye get back to housing !!

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2 Responses to Councillor Pye

  1. John Smith says:

    The only threats made were by Peter Barnett to John McCririck when he exposed the bias of Council Officers and the public when they dared to have an opinion

  2. Scott Davies says:

    “Saveourstow does not support any threats or violence to anybody…. But when you stop democracy and fix voting you ask for trouble.”

    This is at best very clumsy, and at worst downright threatening. And you’ve got a real cheek to complain about the subversion of democracy whilst actively seeking to subvert it with implied threats of violence in the same breath.

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