The fight goes on, next stop the Mayor’s office !!

After a marathon planning meeting at the town hall last night, L&Q’s planning application for 294 homes at Walthamstow Stadium was narrowly approved by a vote of 4-3 in favour.

Throughout the evening only 1 person apart from L&Q spoke in favour of their plans. Everyone else from local residents, planning experts, visiting councillors, SOS and local MP’s put forward a watertight case on why L&Q’s plans should be rejected and thrown out by the planning committee.

It was alleged during the meeting that Labour councillors had been ordered by the party whip to vote in favour, although they all denied this.

We would like to thank everyone who attended last nights meeting and gave us their support. A special thanks goes to Ed Northover, Alan Siggers  and Liz Phillips from the planning committee who all spoke passionately on why planning permission should not be granted and that local residents had not been listened to by L&Q.

Although we narrowly lost the vote, the fight goes on !!

The next stop will be the Mayor Boris Johnson’s office, where we will expect him to throw out the planning application and show full support for Bob Morton and his new plans.

To recap, the councillors who voted for L&Q’s plans were Jenny Gray (Leytonstone ward, Labour), Asim Mahmood (Markhouse, Labour), Ebony Vincent (Markhouse, Labour) and committee chair Peter Barnett (Wood Street, Labour).

Those councillors who voted against were Ed Northover (Larkswood, Conservative), Alan Siggers (Valley, Conservative) and Liz Phillips (Cann Hall, Liberal Democrat).

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5 Responses to The fight goes on, next stop the Mayor’s office !!

  1. linda says:

    who are you thinking of housing in these new homes.from what i’ve seen it certainly won’t be for the natives of this land.just like everything else we’ll be left out in the cold.

    • boris says:

      just what i was thinking …i live in a l&q home and know first hand how it is 😦

      • Junior says:

        I also live in a L & Q Housing property please they do not care about its Customer’s. But we have no one with teeth where is the Grant Housing Minister and where is Jack Shadow Housing Minister in your fight. No David Frederick Montague the Chief Executive only interested in empire building and in his Construction Company and Lectures. He not interested in his Customer’s . So and read his blog on the website does not talk the language of his Customer’s whom pay per householder of £ 3.10 per householder to his wages. He is not accountable. Its they own Company STRUCTURE.

  2. Anton Lyons says:

    I attended the Planning Commitee and could not believe the ‘contempt’ that the Stow Campaign was held in and the bias that was afforded to L&Q spokespersons to put across the side without time limit. I asked the Chair of the Commitee to resign and face me in a by-election if he was right in his decision. He refused because he knows that he would lose. Decision Already Taken before this Farce of a meeting was held – Ignoring your constituents for a short term gain – Long term OBLIVION of Waltham Forest – SHAMEFUL !!!

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