Letter to Mayor Johnson from Jennette Arnold OBE, AM

Jennette Arnold OBE, AM
Hackney,Islington & WalthamForest
Dear Mayor Johnson,

I am writing to you following the decision of Waltham Forest Council Planning Committee to approve theLondonand Quadrant proposal for the development of Walthamstow Stadium. The plans now return to City Hall and the final decision rests with your office. As you will be aware, there has been considerable opposition to the plans by residents who believe strongly that the L&Q proposal offers a poor deal for the area.

There are a number of aspects which are of particular concern. These include the lack of social housing, the complete absence of any social rented provision and the fact that only 24 flats will be at “affordable rates” of rent. Given that there are 21,000 people on the housing waiting list the L&Q plan falls well short of what the community in Walthamstow needs and deserves. If given your approval, the development would amount to a huge wasted opportunity to deliver high quality social housing in an area of London where need is most acute. Indeed, other proposals have been put forward for the site that would create jobs, entertainment facilities and a better mix of housing.

I appreciate you can only consider the L&Q proposal singularly, but it is important to appreciate that rejecting the application does not amount to a rejection of any future development of the site.  It is crucial that the development that is given approval is not the first proposal to emerge, but the one that offers the greatest benefits to the local community.

I would ask that you consider these plans very carefully and listen to the arguments put forward by local campaigners who simply want to get the best deal for this historic site.

Yours sincerely

Jennette Arnold

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3 Responses to Letter to Mayor Johnson from Jennette Arnold OBE, AM

  1. Tom corderoy says:

    Well, it’s all down to Boris Johnson to overturn this flawed decision- will he go back on his word where he quotes””he wishes to see greyhound racing returned to this primary and historic land”. ..

    My guess he will, reasons – he has now been re-elected as mayor-got all the required votes in London on the back of hot issues like our STow-and like all politicians bottle it when put under the microscope. Sorry for feeling defeatist but I’ve seen it all before. If Boris is true to his word he should quickly announce on TV very soon what is intentions are and what side of the fence he is sitting on. let’s just hope for the best hey

  2. John Smith says:

    I have a hard time believing the Stow had any effect on the Mayoral election result

    In any event we cannot expect Boris to deliver when supposedly committed MPs Iain Duncan Smith and Stella Creasy go missing when a planning application is heard.

    Anyone would think they had advance notice of the fixed outcome.

  3. Alan Nattrass says:

    I think every man and his dog knew that the vote would be 4 to 3 .
    the 4 labour councillors always had the whip hand.
    If the 2 named MPs had been there. it would have made no difference.
    Their work, as is everyones, is to lobby the Mayor and get him to look closely at Bob Mortons alternative plan and give that the go ahead.
    I have no in depth knowledge of how politics really works, it just appears that thousands of voices against L and Q plans can be out voted by 4 people?
    Am sure that is not the definition of democracy.
    We can only hope that 1 voice can then out shadow the 4………and that is Mayor Johnsons call.

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