Saveourstow becomes Saveoursport – Your industry needs you !!‏

We as an industry have never united and that has been our biggest downfall in recent years and has tended to just accept what has been thrown at us. With the current economic climate it is simply sink or swim with rumours of were on the up as a sport getting everybody to go with that train of thought only to be quashed with the next bit of bad news.

However we now have the biggest chance in the history of greyhound racing to turn things around and our destiny is in our own hands .The iconic stow with its neon lights lighting up the east end of London  and with the magnificent listed buildings cannot be matched at any other stadium. Greyhound racing as a sport needs a flagship and strong leadership do we have either at the moment answer NO !

So what can we do ? Builders want greyhound land and as we don’t unite its easy pickings for them, or do we now suddenly realise all tracks are at threat of some kind, and think let’s do something about this. What would happen if the stow came back ? What message would be sent to hovering house builders ?

Well Today on the 8th May 2012 7pm at Walthamstow town hall the greatest achievement in the history of the sport can happen and then we can say legitimately  the sport is on the up. The totally unthinkable can happen greyhound land actually be taken off a builder. Would that help you answer yes it would it would install stability in our sport and safeguard our future. Imagine the message it sends to hovering builders at GRA tracks. They can’t suddenly easily get change of use for the land that they need by claiming greyhound racing is a dying sport.

The only people that can bring back the stow is you and if you don’t attend your letting your sport decline and sending a message to builders come and get us !  Don’t live to regret this moment it is here and now the turning point of our sport. If I had a pound for every person that has asked me how is Walthamstow going  we need it back I would be like the prospective buyer of the stow  a multi- millionaire so for all those people that asked me that question  I ask where are you tonight at 7pm ?

I urge every single person who loves our sport be it north or south to unite and join with us to send to clear message to the councillors who will make the decision “live” in the hall tonight. Yes it will be exciting I’m l nervous yes I know I have to deliver a speech of a lifetime as do the rest of SOS and residents of the Borough. But we will fight and need each person to help us over the winning line and claim the victory we all want.

Iain Duncan-smith , Stella Creasy MP’s and even Boris the Mayor of London have spoke out for greyhound racing don’t you think you should ? This is not saveourstow this is saveoursport. Every politician has told us it makes a massive difference and can sway the councillors making the decision the more people that attend and support on the night.

Please don’t sit back and do nothing tonight come and show you care about your sport and fight so that we send a clear message to builders up and down the country who will think again before looking at greyhound land and together we can unite and saveoursport.

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1 Response to Saveourstow becomes Saveoursport – Your industry needs you !!‏

  1. sally button newly elected councillor for Bowthorpe Ward, Norwich. says:

    Unfortuanatly we are unable to attend 8th May meeting, but you have our whole hearted support to get back the Stow. We raced our dogs there in the 90’s and loved the place. LETS RID THE PLACE OF THESE AWFUL PEOPLE FROM L&Q. Long live greyhound raciong. Good luck at tommorow’s meeting, and show Waltham Forest Council where to go!!!!

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