Press release from Iain Duncan Smith (MP)

Iain Duncan Smith issued a press release today with regards to Mayor Borris Johnson’s letter and said: 


“This is a really positive message from Boris for dog racing and at last it looks like we may have a future for dog racing on this site. I welcome the fact that Boris has sent a strong signal to L&Q that their plans should contain greyhound racing and I also welcome his doubts about L&Q’s current proposals, to which the vast majority of local residents are opposed.”

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4 Responses to Press release from Iain Duncan Smith (MP)

  1. david andrews says:

    maybe at long last we have turned the corner in this farcical episode
    l & q have brought upon themselves, may come to an end.. and that we do have a leisure facillity for all the family to enjoy at walthamstow dog track,.4 yrs 8 months down the line we are still fighting, and we hopefully we win the fight,….. local community, the sport of greyhound racing and above all common sense will win the day!!!! d day 8th bring it on!!!!

  2. david andrews says:

    soz 3yrs 8 months just feels longer

  3. Martin Donovan says:

    At last there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel! hopefully L&Q will finally get the message and do the right thing!

  4. Darren bull says:

    We want are dog track back this as been going on long enough local people have had enough of l&q and just want them to get lost no more houses just our wonderfull dog stadium back bob morton will,make sure local people will get jobs so we can,all have a great night out again for all the family when it reopens

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