Mayor Boris welcomes an operator for greyhound racing at the Iconic stow‏

Mayor Boris Johnson has expressed concerns with L&Q housing
association and the massive loss to the tax payer that would happen
should they ever be allowed to build their high rise housing estate
on the world famous greyhound stadium. (click here to view letter)

The Mayor calls for an operator to run the greyhound stadium and he
states that the residents want the stadium returned for its historic
use . Saveourstow has also stated that our survey showed 96% of the
residents voted for greyhound racing and we are pleased the Mayor
agrees with Saveourstow

L&Q who state that they would listen to the residents should now
honour and realise that the site cannot be changed into a housing
estate due to the problems outlined by the Mayor.

This week Mr Morton will unveil the alternative for the stadium which
is already in pre planning with the council. Although Saveourstow has
nothing to do with Mr Morton’s plans we understand that he has paid
fees to the council.

Saveourstow and resident partners welcome the alternative plans and
urge L&Q to finally accept they will never be allowed planning
permission on the Iconic site and call for L&Q directors to accept the
decision and allow locals over 500 permanent jobs, more affordable
housing than they can offer and a multi use stadium for the whole
community including greyhound racing in line with the mayors wishes
for the site. Mr Morton offers the borough a unique opportunity for
the night time economy which must not be missed.

We urge L&Q to conduct talks with Mr Morton to sell outright or find
an operator for the greyhound stadium as requested by the Mayor and
then Mr Morton can provide much needed affordable housing on mass for
the borough which L&Q cannot.

This country just cannot justify a 26 million loss on a site now and
state in the future ( approx 30 years) it may make profit when there
is an alternative that provides more affordable housing and uses
private investment now.

Everybody accepts residents want the track returned for its historic
use and we urge councillors to speak out and represent the voters who
elected them into office. If councillors care for Waltham Forest they
would say a big no to L&Q and express concerns along with the Mayor of

Iain Duncan Smith issued a press release today (17/04/12) and said:

“This is a really positive message from Boris for dog racing and at last it looks like we may have a future for dog racing on this site. I welcome the fact that Boris has sent a strong signal to L&Q that their plans should contain greyhound racing and I also welcome his doubts about L&Q’s current proposals, to which the vast majority of local residents are opposed.”

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1 Response to Mayor Boris welcomes an operator for greyhound racing at the Iconic stow‏

  1. daftaida says:

    Where is the law and why is it not being applied is the question. The situation drags on and all the rhetoric in the world won’t have the force of law. I remember over 90% of people being against the invasion of Iraq and a million more on the streets. Where was the law and why wasn’t it applied?

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