Contaminated land – Yet another L&Q and Waltham Forest Council major blunder !!

In L&Q’s contaminated land report by MLM Environmental (the study to see if the sub soil is not contaminated for new housing) they say the site history was….’undeveloped farmland followed by use as an athletics track in 1919 before being developed for the greyhound stadium use’. They note that there is 1.3m of made ground from some
intrusive investigation reports they had sight of. Didn’t they wonder why farm land and the athletic track caused 1.3 m of made land?!

Well if they looked at L&Q’s archaeological report they might have found the answer. Written by CgMS consulting, these people state that the site was used for the athletics track and as a rubbish dump prior to its development as a dog track between the years of 1919 and 1931. In section 4.6.6 of their report they state ‘documentary evidence shows much of the site was used as a rubbish tip at this time (1919)’.

Why did the contaminated land consultant leave this out of their report we wonder?
Were L&Q really going to build their new ‘world class homes’ over contaminated rubbish tip land? Why didn’t the planning authority spot this, why is it left to the public to point this out?

More costs for L&Q as remediation of old rubbish tip fill material is very expensive. Or maybe it will all have to be removed from the site causing weeks of lorry trips disrupting the neighbourhood. We don’t think it can be built over with any structural confidence.
AND this rubbish fill provides a 1.3m deep resevoir for holding flood water.

Every week another cover-up or piece of incompetence is unearthed (in this case both!), yet these obsessed developers march blindly on.


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4 Responses to Contaminated land – Yet another L&Q and Waltham Forest Council major blunder !!

  1. John Moss says:

    New National Planning Policy Framework contains various clauses about respecting the character of an area. (Para 56 onwards I think)

    Plonking high rise apartments between streets or terraced housing doesn’t appear to comply.

  2. daftaida says:

    Any non-psychopathic reasoning would back off as gracefully as possible from this stench. But L&Q and pomped-up local ‘authority’ black marketeers have a ridiculous sense of their own importance to the degree that no matter how disengenious their money making schemes are at our expense, they assume they can bulldoze on regardless. Someone ought to write a comic strip on this ongoing debacle.

  3. andy bishop says:

    Once again much respect to the campaign for their diligence. There is no doubt that WF have given “certain assurances” to L and Q prior to their purchase of the Stow. There has been NOT one word from the council suggesting that retaining a re vamped Stow with enhanced community involvement is a good thing. Who suggested to the GLA that the loss of the Stow was “on balance”
    acceptable?. Who has done their upmost to turn the Stow into housing development and alter the planning classification to suit L and Q. The planning officers who stated that “we produced the Urban Development plan for the Stow under pressure from L and Q’s previous architects” are a disgrace. Who is the planning authority in this matter?. To address a public planning meeting where NO ONE wants what is proposed and say that we have managed to get L and Q to agree to reducing the housing density to 316 rooms per hectare when 160 to 200 is the norm is a disgrace. For the officers to state publically that they have convinced L and Q to open up the development for a public thoroughfare is nothing short of pathetic. Waltham Forest need to man up!!! LISTEN TO THOSE THAT ELECTED YOU.

    • daftaida says:

      you are so right and they are mutually complicit; £10BN assets in the bank can swing a lot of policiy, particularly when local authorities are bound by the guidelines within Agenda 21 and it’s Sustainable, Diversity, Equality perogatives. whilst it makes no more sense than Mao’s order to peasants to kill birds as pests or stalin’s order to soak seeds in cold water, such lunacy as prevails in this case is likely to prevail in this case. UN has brought home the working realities of ‘thinking global through acting local’ and as each hub of local authority is working beneath the scanner as a private corporation on behalf of the UN/EU, perusal of these documents makes some kind of intelligible sense of otherwise blatantly meaningless actions for the sake of private profit and power.

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