Council risk multi- million pound payout over the world famous “Stow”‏

The council can over rule the EA if they want. But if they do and what we say is true and floods subsequently affect the neighbours, the council will be liable for compensation…

If the track is replaced a higher flood risk would develop because of the base of the track and according to the staff at the track many floods occurred on the site during years of racing…..

SOS have noticed that the original GLA report understood (98 flooding) that the river would be de-culverted. This swayed the GLA towards supporting the scheme as the suggested re-opening of the river with river-side walks etc was seen to be in line with the London Plan’s aspirations. The environment agency have now said this cannot happen,
so another significant promise from L&Q to improve the site has fallen away.

SOS find it incredible that L&Q’s flood risk assessors saw fit to make a report in support of the full planning application without clearing it in principle with the Environment Agency. How many more mistakes can these people make?

SOS very seriously query whether the full existing flood capacity of the site has properly been calculated in these flawed studies. Chris Page the racing manager from the stadium for 30 years has confirmed that the track is built on cinder and fill. It soaked up huge volumes of flood water when the river Ching Flooded. If the calculations are
simply based on existing ground levels this will be incorrect as flood water made it’s way through to the track (sand) and the central area (cinder race track and grass) and soaked straight in. There was effectively a flood reservoir below the existing ground levels. Local
houses need to be protected from impervious development of this site as the flood water which was previously accommodated by the track, will now be displaced to their homes and gardens.

The Environment Agency have acted on this issue. This is a serious matter and the authorities are now on notice of the likely risks to existing Council Tax payers of the borough. Perhaps the local residents might want to investigate with their insurance companies the possible affect of these proposals on ability to get cover in the

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2 Responses to Council risk multi- million pound payout over the world famous “Stow”‏

  1. daftaida says:

    One wonders how mant acts to this circus there are? One huge rasberry after another, but this one has to be the juciest and adds environmental grounds to the gunpowder keg about to erupt in their silly faces and it’ll be red noses all around.

  2. Alan Nattrass says:

    it genuinely seems staggering at how far the council will go to avoid the prospect of greyhound racing returning to walthamstow.
    without the greyhound racing, walthamstow is just another place in london to the outside world, with the stadium, it is known as the flagship amongst the sport.
    surely this, aswell as the hundreds of jobs to be created and massive boost to the local community businesses should be enough for them to just accept that they have put their weight behind a misguided, ill informed expensive mistake in backing L and Q.

    Councils around the country have to make important decisions on local issues, some that are opposed by alot of residents, but are in the long term interest of the ward they represent.
    This one is far removed from that scenerio.
    Not only is there overwhelming support against the Land Q venture, all reasoning, sense, logic, and many new environment issues all pointing to the stadium being returned to its former use, And with imaginitive planning, include housing, leisure and a host of other positive things to make it bigger and better than before.

    The whole borough should speak up and demand the right thing be done.

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