Waltham forest council – Public scandal “cover up” to help L&Q – 30 million loss to the tax payer & rising‏

Waltham forest council who encouraged L&Q to buy walthamstow stadium covered up a recent government agency report from the public and now the planning department have “lost” all objections from residents concerning the stow car park application. Waltham forest council is now riddled with scandal concerning this site and we call upon Eric Pickles for a public enquiry into the council.
The recent confirmation from the Environment Agency that L&Q’s
residential development proposals do not meet EA flood risk parameters could prove to bring another significant financial burden onto the already massively un-viable scheme.
Flood risk assessors have advised SOS that the flood capacity that the stadium used to afford to the river Ching will be removed via the proposed development. Without reinstatement of this capacity local houses will be prone to flooding. Our advisors think that the only ways L&Q can deal with this is either by an offsite purchase of land where flood water could be diverted, and this will only work if an appropriate piece of land is available in the correct relationship to the river from the site, or by the construction of a giant flood
attenuation tank under the proposed housing.
The creation of such a facility will cost millions of pounds and
excavation works would likely take months, bringing massive noise,
dirt and traffic disruption to the vicinity. Another exceptional cost
loaded onto this ill fated and ill-conceived project.
L&Q say they are in ongoing negotiations with the EA to resolve the
Flood Risk issues. How can they justify that statement when in the
summer of 2011 they submitted a full planning application for a
project that they presented on the basis that all the flooding issues
had been resolved? Isn’t the truth that their flood experts had
advised them this would be satisfactorily negotiated with the EA and that simply has not happened? Yet another huge due-diligence mistake which will be paid for by the tax payer funded reserves.
SOS applaud the EA for standing up to L&Q. It’s a shame that certain members of the local planning authority can’t show a similar degree of impartiality and professional integrity. English Heritage and the GLA have also not been fooled by L&Q’s expensive consultant reports. The band of public sector consultees willing to stand up for what’s right is growing. At last the tide is turning and hopefully the interests of the local residents and greyhound racing will now be given the protection they deserve.

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3 Responses to Waltham forest council – Public scandal “cover up” to help L&Q – 30 million loss to the tax payer & rising‏

  1. daftaida says:

    it appears that the old concept of ‘reputation’ has been turned on its head. Whereas in the past, corporate wolves would at least appear to play fair and square because of the consequences of a lack of public trust and any legal proceedings which would risk funding cuts, fines and compensation for victims.

    instead of garnering public trust, they set up a public trust and are not accountable whilst sucking off public money and influencing those all to ready to share the spoils.

    the more psychopathic, dictatorial, conniving and downright fraudulant corporations and charities/trusts are today, the more they seem to revel in such reputation.

    it’s like watching the emergence of a global mafia.

  2. andy bishop says:

    L and Q got short shrift from Enfield Council over another of their flawed developments of the old Middx Uni site in Cat Hill. The planning officers report was transparent and to the point. The application failed on lack of proper care and respect for the environment, wildlife, local infrastructure. The chief officer also alluded to many local residents having real concerns about the density and height of the housing. The density was accepted rather worryingly at around 250 rooms per hectare (a lot less than the Stow’s proposals) No hiding of objections or watering down…go away L and Q and rethink taking into consideration what local people say. A senior representative of L and Q said the council should be very careful refusing the application as it may send the wrong message to anyone wanting to invest in the borough. Another example, despite what they say, of disregard for what matters most to local people. Lets hope our council do not cave in, if such an implied threat is made to them

  3. Alan Nattrass says:

    It seems to me that these property companies are so used to getting their own way, stampeding over residents complaints, buying councils with promises for regional or personal gain, that they probably assumed this would be another open and shut case.
    But my goodness, how much have they all underestimated Mr Holloway and the SOS campaign !!!

    They are just lurching from one embarresment to another and the implications run very deep.

    Now must be the time that higher authorities step in to end this farce and leave the parties involved in this disastrous financial descision to others who can return this great stadium back to its primary use.

    i am sure with some spin, and a helping hand from Mr Bob Morton regarding some housing and other leisure use, the council may be able to save face and restore a little bit of pride to local politics.

    Mayor Johnson, you must act now as this is descending into chaos.

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