L&Q’s plans for Walthamstow Stadium are in meltdown with the news that the Environment Agency has stated that deculverting the River Ching, the principle on which L&Q’s plans are based, cannot happen due to flood risk. This means that L&Q’s current plans are in complete tatters. Either they will not be allowed to build on the southern boundary or it will cost further multi millions in order to do so.

Even without this development, L&Q’s scheme will lose in excess of £26m of taxpayer money a fact not disputed by L&Q -how many more millions will now be added to the tab for the taxpayer to pick up?

With three different architects used by L&Q to date, this latest twist in this sorry tale just shows the complete lack of due diligence undertaken by L&Q and their complete mis-management of public funds.

With the Environment Agency now stating that, at best, it will be extremely expensive (maybe impossible) to build on the South Side and English Heritage stating that they cannot build in the centre and Rushcroft Road residents unanimously opposed to building on the North Side, just where will L&Q build?

The council have again decided to keep this secret from the public. The council will do anything they can in order to help L&Q. Well now is the time for the council to do the right thing at long last.

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  1. andy bishop says:

    How much money did L and Q spend on various spurious reports trying to discredit the viability of Bob Mortons alternative plans…what a complete shower.

  2. Alan Nattrass says:

    why are the council digging their heels in so firmly?

    it seems like a no brainer for Land Q to sell and cut the losses.

    from reading all reports me thinks there is more than meets the eye ????

  3. Tom Corderoy says:

    we always knew that they couldnt build on this site because of the flood plain.
    I can scarcely believe that the council still will not concede that this has been a complete fiasco from start to flag fall. I can only hazard a guess that they will now embark on a face saving exercise very soon whereby yet another planning/inspection by a trumped up architect will inform L&Q that it may still be somehow viable to build at this site- perhaps the car park across the road this time round. The whole thing reeks with red tape and bureaucracy and agree entirely with Alan’s comment above that there is more in this than meets the eye, perhaps they are trying to keep a lid on a possible scandal of biblicist proportions.

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