Local Guardian comment – ‘Time for L&Q to justify scheme’

The Local Guardian expressed its views in today’s paper and are calling on time for L&Q to justify their scheme and the big question of viability that will just not go away.

Support is widespread with local MP’s, businesses and residents all objecting to L&Q’s proposal for hundreds of homes.

They also want L&Q to justify why with so many widespread cuts happening in such difficult times why are L&Q dipping into taxpayer funded reserves to try and make this unwanted scheme happen.

To read the Guardian’s comment in full, please click here

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2 Responses to Local Guardian comment – ‘Time for L&Q to justify scheme’

  1. DaftAida says:

    Hardly strained a muscle with the coverage but right next to it an example of how the council operates with public trust and funds in favouring the select few.

    However, the main item on that page and right next to the nod to SoS, is the scandalous O-Regen outfit. I do not know who the fatfreak in the picture is but he looks the perfect carrier for a story of corruption. Also, of course, connected to O-Regen school. And of course, connected to Common Purpose! They are always fronts for getting hold of children, supported by tax paying parents.

    News items are not thrown together without cause no matter how random they might appear. Readers will associate L&Q with the 0-Regen story and quite rightly. The lid needs to be blown off these ‘Trusts’ hurting our children and causing strife and chaos amongst the most at need.

  2. Junior says:

    Your feels ignored and you will be being marginalised and will making you feel aiienated against. this is L & Q Housing Trust does to his Tenants and go and see the Chief Executive interests in the Construction Company.

    Do not trust them

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