Local businesses join local residents in condemnation of L&Q plans

In today’s Local Guardian an article reports that HUNDREDS of objections to new housing plans for Walthamstow Stadium have been submitted, according to a residents’ association. It shows that the community is united in their condemnation of L&Q’s plans for the site. This is not Saveourstow-this is local people and local businesses in total defiance of L&Q’s ill-conceived and non-viable plans.

The fact that L&Q will not comment on our calculations that show a £26m loss to the taxpayer tells you all you need to know.

L&Q are not engaging with the community. As well as local residents, the local businsses are opposed to L&Q’s plans which are costing them business and therefore jobs when there are minimal jobs in the area for local people.

Bob Morton’s plans will bring hundreds of London Living Wage jobs directly to the area and much needed trade to the area for people like Mr Huseyin Bulbul, owner of nearby Fish and Chicken in Chingford Mount Road , which in turn could enable him to employ more local people.

Just when will L&Q start listening to the people who indirectly pay their exorbitant wages?

To read the article in full please click here


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5 Responses to Local businesses join local residents in condemnation of L&Q plans

  1. DaftAida says:

    Oh, they listen sure enough but as there have been no consequences (other than support) for their unlawful activities, the issue of holding our representatives in law, MP’s and councils’ to account. Only then will people discover that MP’s are PP’s – paper politicians with no independent decision or enforcement-making powers to uphold the law. As for the councils, they’re fun by Common Purpose/Agenda 21 ‘sustainability’ objectives agreed by elites at UN level.

    So the ‘legal’ route will continue to fail justice which leaves only the Lawful route to apply.

  2. DaftAida says:

    ‘run’ by Common Purpose who think it ‘fun’ to run us around in circles.

  3. andy bishop says:

    Last night Enfield Council refused demolition and planning permission on L and Q’s proposed 250 flats and houses on the old Middx Uni site in Cat Hill Barnet. The application failed on insufficient detail and compliance with traffic, environmental and wildlife impact. Apart from the fact that local residents dont want their high rise blocks and high density housing.

  4. Junior says:

    Do not trust L & Q Housing Trust in any way of form its does not care for its Tenants and I wish we could kick out the Board and Chief Executive

    Most tenants hate L & Q Housing Trust and cannot stand them theses people sitting on the Resident Board and Group Board and your see its the same people year in year out and was not voting in by the Tenants.

  5. andy bishop says:

    L and Q have to be stopped. Their response to being refused planning permission at CatHill,
    beggars belief. They are totally ignoring local opinion and relying on objective testing that the planning process provides and S106 payments. Just because they own a site does not mean they can saturate with high density housing and claim they are doing good for the community.

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