English Heritage refuse L&Q revised plans‏

English Heritage have stated that L&Q latest revised L&Q plans should be rejected and not passed with concerns over mass Housing in the centre of the track and the 8 stories high buildings.

This fits in with the paid for report sanctioned by the local council that suggests that housing on the actual track should not be allowed. The shape of the track should remain open parkland under any development.

Directors at L&Q who made a huge mistake in paying £18.1 million for land today valued at 8.1 million have seen the site devalue from 500 houses down to 294 and now will lose another 100 plus houses. This must go down as the largest mistake in the history of RSL’s.

The 26 million loss to the tax payer will grow and really now there is little point in building, SOS urge L&Q to sell to Mr Bob Morton.

English Heritage Planning rev

English Heritage Listed building rev

UPDATE: Full story a response from L&Q on the Local Guardian’s website, click here to view

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