Stow – £26m L&Q taxpayer loss verified-MP’s demand Boris action‏

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Please read the Local Guardian’s latest story about SOS’ verified figures showing that L&Q will waste £26m of part taxpayer money should they be given permission to build their deeply unpopular and completely unviable housing estate.

At a time when nearly everybody is struggling financially and 15 people are chasing every job vacency in the Borough, it is nothing less than a public disgrace that L&Q is being allowed to waste multi millions of YOUR MONEY on a housing estate that this Borough does not need nor want, preventing the creation of hundreds of London Living Wage jobs for local people offered under the Bob Morton proposals at NO COST TO THE TAXPAYER.

Waltham Forest Council are also complicit in this outrage by working with L&Q to hide these losses from the public-the same puplic whose money is being wasted and who voted them in to office.

We expect more media coverage of this story next week so please keep checking our website for updates.

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27/02/12 UPDATE: Article appears in today’s FT – Financial Times

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1 Response to Stow – £26m L&Q taxpayer loss verified-MP’s demand Boris action‏

  1. DaftAida says:

    Oh but they have the Royal Seal of Approval with William the Kate actually visiting their offices last month. and another thing, it really shouldn’t be so hard for the politicians to act on what amounts to a breach of trust and fraudulant use of public money. Now should it?

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