Neighbours united in Stow battle plan.

This weeks Local Guardian reports how campaigners have  formed a new residents’ association to flight plans to build a building estate where Walthamstow used to be.

To view the article, click this link Guardian 02-02-12

To view this weeks Local Guardian, click here

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2 Responses to Neighbours united in Stow battle plan.

  1. Notwithstanding the importance of conserving the Stow, it is propossed to build 700 homes on the Kimberly works site, building homes on the Stow site is not a viable proposition. There is no work for people living in the area, let alone anyone moving into the area, services are streached to full capacity as it is! The Stow is urgently needed to bring employment to the area as well as keeping the East End tradition and heritage alive!

  2. andy bishop says:

    Have a look at these plans for the regeneration of Copthall Stadium. I spent six happy years coaching athletics while my children were growing up. I know the stadiums are not comparable but it highlights what local business, sports clubs, council and community organisations can achieve when they get together to benefit EVERYONE when regenerating and think outside the box. Unfortunately L and Q and our council are not currently speaking this sort of language. GREED.
    Shoe horning flats and token leisure into a concrete jungle, overcrowding the area, fails local communities.

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