Fantastic support from local residents at tonight’s meeting!

From tonight’s public meeting a very loud message was given to the council and planners from local residents …. ‘We do not want an L&Q housing estate built on the Stow!’

Hundreds of local resident voiced their concerns about their privacy being invaded from 8 story tower blocks, the pressure on local schools places already at breaking point, problems with transport and parking, major concerns on the crime rate increasing in the area, the dangers of the flood plain being altered and the lack of leisure facilities the L&Q site will offer.

Lets just hope L&Q and the Council now listen to the what the residents of the Borough have to say.


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10 Responses to Fantastic support from local residents at tonight’s meeting!

  1. andy bishop says:

    Very proud to be there tonight and be part of the very loud NO to L and Q. The support for the Stow is as strong as ever and I suspect will continue to grow as more and more focus on the nonsense that L and Q are coming out with. I thought the statement from Stella Creasey was excellent. The councillors who still support L and Q are becoming thankfully marginalised. The S106 provision is an insult. It is far too low and compensates the wrong people. There was no satisfactory response for the loss of jobs, school places, and extra parking needed…because
    there are none. Normally these issues would have been swept away and dealt with under some report or consultation with the appropriate body and objections would normally have faded away. Not so with the Stow. I had to laugh at the parking arrangements. L and Q in their own words anticipate 5000 visitors per week (more than the greyhound track attracted) to use the leisure facilities. They allow 47 parking spaces for 1000 people per day plus the so called 200 jobs. Keep up the good work you have significant support. There are nearly 400 protestors in Enfield against
    the L and Q CatHill development.

  2. Lewis Fisher says:

    Maybe now the Council finally realise the severity on the matter regarding the Stow, Surely they must now see that no-one is in favour of L&Q’s plans. C’mon Councillors end this matter for the people off Waltham Forest, give us our track back, give us back the prime Hotspot the Stow was and still could be.

  3. Chris Denny says:

    Great photo looks a real cross section of the community also. Great stuff.

    • saveourstow says:

      There was indeed a great cross section of the community in attendance and the message was loud and clear, we don’t want a L&Q housing estate on the famous Stow.

  4. david andrews says:

    excellent nite for sos and greyhound racing in this country.We can win and by god we will!!!!

    • Jan says:

      This week I will be canvassing with the leaflets for May 8th meeting at the town hall. As you say David, with God’s help we will have the right result for our Stow. When it reopens with the help of Mr. Moreton, we will value what this area has and make it great again!!.

  5. DaftAida says:

    Congratulations on showing community unity in active defiance of corruption. May you strengthen and grow.

    • Jan says:

      We must all stand strong together. We must never let them get away with this corruption by people who have no interest or care for this area or the residents who live in it. United we must stand.

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