L&Q refuse to face the community over the ‘Stow’

Housing association L&Q have sensationally declined to face the residents at a public meeting called by the council. The meeting will be explaining to the residents L&Q plans and it is quite unbelievable that the tax payer funded organisation will not face the borough. How can anybody support an organisation that won’t explain its own plans to residents?

L&Q claim that they would be open and transparent, but words are cheap from this disgraceful organisation.

Saveourstow has already maintained L&Q have hid from the residents and this proves that very point. Nobody in the Borough supports L&Q only the leader of the council who is still protecting and hiding the viability figure for the site that would show L&Q losing the tax payer 26 million on the site. It is a public disgrace that the Labour council should withhold from tax payers the potential losses that would be incurred if L&Q ever got planning permission – should any councillor ignore the residents in favour of Chris Robins stronghold views in helping L&Q then they will be dishonouring the Borough and its residents and they should be held to account by the electorate.

We now demand clear and open transparency from the council and a full investigation into allegations that the council encouraged L&Q to buy the site and inappropriate actions of certain councillors and planners.

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4 Responses to L&Q refuse to face the community over the ‘Stow’

  1. sally button says:

    Wow!!!! What on earth will this shoddy crew come up with????

  2. andy Bishop says:

    The council are being “mugged” by L and Q. In no way does this proposed development deliver
    social housing to ease the burden on the council waiting lists. It is purely an investment for an ambitious, growing organisation that has to pay minimal lip service to social housing provision. As our MP states they are not acting in a way a housing association should to benefit the community. They do a lot of good but have really overstepped the mark with the Stow by ignoring public opinion. Everytime I see an L and Q representative and that has not been many times they look sheepish because they know what they are doing over the Stow is WRONG. That is why they will not face the public. The big developers walked away because they knew it would not be worth it. L and Q with their local authority “connections” have taken the biggest punt of their commercial lives. Their Chief Executive should find the courage to attend and explain what they propose if they truly believe in what they are doing and answer questions. We can all hide behind reasons for meetings but the real agenda on Monday is about resident and visitor disatisfaction. Monday is the watershed for the Stow’s future. Everyone who has enjoyed a night at the Stow over the years should attend the meeting on Monday night and let all know they care, show some east end spirit. Big up to SOS who have shown the right stuff throughout

  3. DaftAida says:

    Substitute the word ‘sensational’ with ‘predictable’ or even ‘typical’, although it flies in the face of all the PR quackspeak that increasingly passes for objective news on any council misdemeanours and especialy concerning the highly lucrative land and property markets. There are rich pickings for public losses as we are seeing in every sector of corporate and public (PPP’s) administration.

    The question remains as to where all this will end; what are L&Q and their council chums aiming to achieve? Do they imagine that, in the face of such appalling arrogance, duplicity, contempt and financial loss that the people of Walthamstow and their supporters are just going to fade into the background?

    Are they able or willing to ensure blanket press and media coverage bias or blackout when blockades and lawful rebellion kick in? Are they really in control of this process or can their myopic view of ‘serving the community (their ‘community)’ ensure a substantial and irrevocable backlash? Are the people in control of their trustees/employees or have the servants become most uncivil of late, overstepping their brief, somewhat?

    The Law demands that honour is upheld and the SoS heartbeat has been honourable in intention, thought, word and action. Therefore, take heart, for The Law is with you.

  4. Chris Denny says:

    A complete shower by L&Q – think it’s a disgrace that L&Q are part Govt Funded. I have been trying to big up the campaign on my blog, and twitter account. Keep up the great workl. They say in betting “there’s never a last race [to chase loses in]” – hope this proves to be the case at the Stow.

    My blog on Save Our Stow.

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