Mayor to answer probing L&Q questions …….

The following questions are to be answered by Mayor Boris Johnson by the end of February, we look forward to his response.

1) Why has the Mayor let L&Q board up [Walthamstow Stadium] for the last 3 years plus? All their plans have been withdrawn and by the mayor’s own three dragons working kit the stadium shows a 26 million loss to the tax payer if L&Q are allowed to build.

2) L&Q current owners have land banked for 4 years and if they ever build they will cost the tax payer 26 million yet the mayor supports them. Why ?

3) Government inspector has stated that greyhound racing is viable at the site so why will the Mayor not stand by his original comment and give residents what they want, which is greyhound racing? The Mayor is wasting millions of tax-payer money and costing the night time economy of east London by letting the world number one greyhound stadium lay in ruins and boarded up.

4) L&Q have been caught fixing planning dates with the local council and stopping residents objecting to sites yet the mayor will not comment. Why?


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2 Responses to Mayor to answer probing L&Q questions …….

  1. DaftAida says:

    The answer to the question could lie in the fact that £10BN can buy anyone, let alone those with a huge ‘integrity for sale’ sign across their genetic lineage. The answer could lie in ‘the right hand not knowing what the left is doing’ modus operandi of business as usual.

  2. Tom Corderoy says:

    I like and agree with what Daft Aida states. It is all becoming a bit smelly and cant help but think something more sinister is lurking below the surface, we shall wait and see”

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