Open letter to L&Q

Dear Steve & Co directors,

As you are aware residents & the council have called a public meeting on the 23rd Jan 2012 at Rushcroft road school. From our conversation at your brief consultation the residents told you that they had not been consulted and indeed only three households in the surrounding turnings had meetings with L&Q over your plans.

The residents have accused L&Q of running scared to face the community so this is your opportunity to address their concerns. We hope that L&Q will face the community so that their fears can be addressed.

On a personal note I am sorry to hear that you have taken the three year” pay off” but wish you well for the future.

Under the freedom of information act could you please supply the cards of residents who asked for climbing wall, running track around houses and BMX track on the listed building. Could you also supply any card that asked for a gym or nursery.

Could you also confirm that there are only 60 places in the nursery and how many permanent jobs would there be after building and where would the jobs be ? Also Mike Johnson stated to Bob Morton that L&Q were given encouragement to buy the site from the council – can you please name the person or persons at the council.

Look forward to your answers and seeing you and your directors on the 23rd January – please confirm who will be attending from L&Q

Kind Regards

Rick Holloway

Save Our Stow

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1 Response to Open letter to L&Q

  1. andy bishop says:

    Simple questions to ask of a company that “works closely with their local authority partners” and “consults regularly with the local community”………surely even simpler to answer them?!!
    As a supporter of the Stow I had a laugh at the following entry on the Guardian Blog……..I wonder who wrote it? I doubt any of the local lads who want a BMX track did but hey this whole fiasco has made thousands cynical of L and Q and the local authority.

    “I had a look at the article in the independent about this, and was surprised they were saying they where going too cut the amount of housing YESS!!!. We already have too much housing with not enough for the people around to do. The plans looked really good i personally ride BMX with loads of mates and we have been trying for years to get a skate park and when i saw they have made plans for a skate park i was amazed this project has got my full support now. As well as the skate park a gym, climbing wall and a running track are planned which is good this stadium is iconic too the local area and should be kept as something for the people too be proud of and use too have a good time!!”

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