“L&Q doing more harm than good in Waltham forest – deluge of complaints about L&Q” local MP Stella Creasy

Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow (Lab)

“In the debates around the Big Society there is always a danger politicians confuse purpose with process, lauding volunteering and community groups in as “a good thing” without acknowledging that what matters is what they do, not the fact they exist. Similarly, unless we are clear as to why the “social” in social housing is important, there is a risk that the benefits housing associations can bring to the communities in which they work will be neither sought nor valued.

“Two housing associations in my own constituency of Walthamstow illustrate well the differences in attitudes to working within a locality.  CBHA is based exclusively in Waltham Forest and runs 1,600 properties. With strong resident representation on its board it has been an active partner in community projects, for instance providing training for tenants to become youth workers. Last year I worked alongside them, police and the local councillors to respond to a spate of anti-social behaviour, engaging residents in challenging the problems they were experiencing and organising activities to encourage community cohesion.

“While CBHA embraces working in this way, London and Quadrant takes the opposite approach. In planning to turn the Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium into flats, L&Q has consistently claimed to speak for local residents, rather than showing any real willingness to work with them. A community-led offer to buy back the site and offers to work in partnership with L&Q have been dismissed out of hand. Along with other local MPs I have been deluged with complaints about their conduct, as residents’ determination to restore the track is ignored because it doesn’t suit profit margins. L&Q’s behaviour demonstrates that without a clear commitment to working within the communities in which they are based, housing associations can sometimes do more harm than good.”


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4 Responses to “L&Q doing more harm than good in Waltham forest – deluge of complaints about L&Q” local MP Stella Creasy

  1. andy bishop says:

    Absolutely spot on. Along with failing local democracy this is the real issue over the Stow. L and Q are displaying very little interest in supplying social housing as they claim. Their claims to be a social landlord with charitable status makes me cringe. The good that they may do is being ruined by their antics over the Stow which has been very much part of the community for years. I wish someone could get that message over to their board. Their application to build on the Walton House site provides for a much reduced social housing provision as do their latest plans for the Stow and Cat Hill Campus in Enfield. None of these developments will go anywhere to reducing social housing needs. Very little of their affordable housing is affordable. The real L and Q can be seen in their 50/50 partnership with Barratts Homes in developing the remaining flats at the Emirates stadium…none of which will be social housing. L and Q are past masters at working local authorities…Waltham Forest councillors should be ashamed to get involved with L and Q over the Stow. They should be putting their efforts into genuine housing associations and not abdicating their social housing provision responsibilities in this manner.

  2. DaftAida says:

    Almalgamation of bullies; Barratt Homes are doing rather well for themselves in the public-private-partnership gravytrain as they have also bought up land and dwellings from the nhs/pct’s. Whomsoever has interests and shares in such partnerships are by default, corrupted into supporting the likes of L&Q and their destruction of Stow. Nowadays, no-one cares for reputation other than those of rewarding misdeeds.

  3. Time to give L & Q the push and move on! Waltham Forest were looking at pos. using Anchor Trust – some time ago, with a view to providing housing for various folk according to their needs in Leytonstone. It is possible that Anchor many consider talking with the Boro. again regarding meeting housing needs and working on the Stow site to maintain the Stow as a dog track and provide community housing – they do that so well!
    Good to see Stella has highlighted very important issues relating to housing provision. Thank you very much Stella! However, I must point out that anti social behaviour does not come in spates around the area, especially Billet Road, reports of anti social behaviour to the council specially set up dept. have not been acted upon!! Can’t name names for fear of reprisal – that is bad! All part of working with the community! 2 shootings off Billet Road, one in Ascham End and the other in Durban Road, terrorising shop owners and residents has to stop!
    A safe environment for all and the return of Good East End values is a must, together with meeting the needs of the community – bring back the Stow dog track, some housing and a safe environment for all!

    Happy Christmas to all!

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