Walthamstow stadium – update‏

‘Criticism is made of the potential viability of the site for greyhound racing, based on the continued decline in attendance at venues elsewhere. Although doubt is thus thrown on the economics of one proposal for the site, the evidence does not conclusively demonstrate that greyhound racing would be unviable. Like any business, much would depend on its management, but there is insufficient evidence to conclude that a proposal for greyhound racing would be unviable’ Paul Clark Government Inspector 

Save Our Stow welcomes the views of the inspector, Paul Clark, which prove beyond doubt that L&Q once again have been misleading local councillors, government bodies and politicians by stating that greyhound racing is not viable.  So, despite L&Q’s wastage of taxpayers’ money on reports, the inspector has seen through them.

We cannot understand how Waltham Forest council can support any change of use, and it should welcome back the world’s number one greyhound stadium to provide over 1,000 local jobs.  Once again, the famous neon lights can light up East London for the site’s correct historical use – not that of a housing estate.

Any councillor that supports L&Q does not represent the will of the Borough, as 96% want greyhound racing returned to its historical home.  And e-mails confirm that certain council planners have acted misleadingly by working with L&Q in trying to force through their unwanted plans.  Those plans offer nothing for the council but a commercial site for L&Q, with the loss of £27million to the tax payer.  The council gains NOTHING so why do some councillors support these plans?

Did the council encourage L&Q to buy the site, as claimed by Mike Johnson director of L&Q?

We now need answers, as the world famous “Stow” goes into its fourth year boarded up – while a private investor for the site offers 1,000 local jobs and twice as many affordable homes than L&Q, plus major sporting facilities for the whole community.

We call upon the leader of the council to condemn the actions of L&Q in boarding up the Stow for the fourth year and misleading the Borough.

L&Q cannot build on the site because, as soon as they do, the £27 million loss to the tax payer will show up – which the council is a willing partner to cover up at the moment.  Why?


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1 Response to Walthamstow stadium – update‏

  1. david wragg says:

    managed correctly,im sure the stadium would be a successful buisness bringing jobs to the area

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