L&Q’s ‘Stow’ Director leaves with huge ‘pay-off’-does, he know too much?‏

London & Quadrant Housing Association, which is already costing the tax payer multi millions with their purchase of a viable greyhound stadium following on from an 8 million write off of bad land deals last year, is parting company with Steve Yianni, the L&Q Director responsible for the stadium and is paying him a huge severance pay package, part paid for by the tax payer. We understand this to be three times his annual salary. Does Mr Yianni know too much?

Government minister Nick Clegg totally condemned the actions of public bodies who provide large “pay offs” but L&Q is giving the money to Steve Yianni who has been fronting the Walthamstow Stadium disaster. How many more will follow Mr Yianni out of the L&Q exit door?

In further news, L&Q’s agents, again paid for by tax payer money, have totally misled government bodies with false and fake claims-now exposed following FOI requests.

How can any employee support the actions of L&Q who has accused a Government Minister of bullying and persistently lied concerning planning dates starting from August 2008. L&Q has destroyed the local community by putting 500 employees on benefits and leaving the flag ship of the borough lying in ruins and boarded up while thousands need jobs. They are costing the tax payer multi millions and have tried to fix planning dates to stop the public speaking out against their plans.

L&Q Director Mike Johnson claims the local council encouraged them to buy the site and that’s why Waltham Forest are bending over backwards to assist them even though the site is unviable for housing which only provides a few affordable homes.

Bob Morton’s plans are supported by MP’s and are viable and do not take any money from the public purse yet provide more affordable housing than L&Q’s, provide employment and offer the London Living Wage for hundreds of locals. The track would also be restored and boost the local economy and provide locals with sporting facilities in the stadium.

Under the London Plan the loss of employment and recreation is huge and should never be allowed. If officers do their public duty, they should honour local wishes and, with the Localism Bill imminent, the local community deserve more from their local council.

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3 Responses to L&Q’s ‘Stow’ Director leaves with huge ‘pay-off’-does, he know too much?‏

  1. DaftAida says:

    They are not so disengenius to stand still whilst SoS stick to the point of law; Common Law which regulators wish to over-ride; what L&Q have done may be seen to be legal but this matters not, if it is unlawful or if what the council has done is unlawful. What they have done by way of bribery to aid their continual corruption, is to set up an additional chanel for briberty; namely a community fund (no doubt at taxpayer’s further expense). This manoevre will, no doubt, assauge those in power as to their less community spirited actions over Stow.

    In addition to removing a potential source of embarrassment (it’s getting caught out that counts), this outfit can now get ahead with the PR to show a nice bright smiley new face in forming those critical alliances. The outcome for Stow will be, predictably, further stagnation if this situation is allowed to continue.

  2. Junior says:

    David Montague the Chief Executive does care about Tenants live in one of his property and read his blog on L & Q Housing Trust website. He does not speak his tenant’s language

    He is the only Chief Executive that does care about its Tenant’s and you see if they take over the site that his staff do not know how to manage your interests.

    The trouble will come that any ASB or others his staff just get big fat bonus’s for nothing

    You find that you cannot enter the structure of the Resident, Group Board unless you our a nodding dog.

    Its L & Q Housing Trust Chief Executive, Board Members Structure.

    Go and look around and you see nothing about Tenant and Resident Group or any Group meeting other than own Structure Meetings

    The reason is Tenant have no real Regulatory its called the Tenant Service Authority but really is the Landlord Service Authority

  3. DaftAida says:

    Absolutely: institutionalised corruption has reached pandemic levels comparable to Soviet Russia which operated their scams via councils. Where there is corruption on this degree, we can be assured that there is corruption on other levels and given the contempt that these Montague/Johannsons’ have for individual tenants, communities or the people of this nation, they really should not be involved in public concerns as they are a menace to the public. Running private brothels is more their mark. Banksters run UK Corp. and their extended bloodlines have no other objective than to suck the very spirit out of this nation and leave the husk to rattle about in the wind.

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