Press Release from Lib Dem leader‏ – Cllr Bob Sullivan


Lib Dem Leader Cllr Bob Sullivan and others have received emails, which question the impartiality of the council’s actions around Walthamstow Greyhound track.   

The emails are alleged to have been obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and appear to be communications between the company ‘London and Quadrant’ (L&Q), Council Officers and Senior Councillors discussing the future of the track. 

Cllr Bob Sullivan says:  

“These communications raise serious issues of impartiality and I have asked the Council’s Chief Executive to look at the implications for Council Officers and Cabinet members.  

“We need to know that the Council and leading councillors have taken a proper approach to this development. There should be serious consequences if the council’s actions are found to have stacked the deck in favour of L&Q.”  

“The Chief Executive has put the matter in the hands of the Council’s Monitoring Officer to investigate further and I look forward to his conclusions.”

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2 Responses to Press Release from Lib Dem leader‏ – Cllr Bob Sullivan

  1. Lewis fisher says:

    Theres only one real Conclussion, and that is that some behind the Scenes at L&Q or Waltham Forest Council or even both, are blaitently lying and Try and cover up this whole mess. I hope the Monitering Officer does uncover some wrong doing, ohh that is unless he Recieves a nice Backhander(cash) from someone……

  2. lee sivell says:

    everyone knows that the deck was stacked in favour of london + quadrant. as a resident in waltham forest the council has let us down. councils are elected and i would urge every voter not to put people in charge who dont support the views of the borough.

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