Save Our Stow challenge L&Q to build on the world famous Stow

We know L&Q can’t build and never will in the near future because, as soon as they do, their heavy losses show.  The Directors are covering up the misuse of the public purse and their huge mistake in buying the world famous greyhound stadium.  L&Q failed under due diligence on the site, and the CEO still remains in his taxpayer funded job.

Mike Johnson, Director of L&Q, keeps stating that they will produce a £50 million development and create 250 jobs, leisure facilities and homes.  Already branded liars by a Government minister, L&Q still do not learn from their past.  Mr Johnson, a £50 million development will now cost the taxpayer a loss of up to a £40 million – and rising by the day.  And jobs?  You have your own construction company and only around 40 jobs will be permanent.  Leisure?  You have none.  Homes?  Only 15 will be affordable. 

The world famous greyhound stadium is classed as D2 assembly and leisure in planning, and was the most used stadium in the borough.  Offers by L&Q to hock it off are: allotments, a four room gym, a climbing wall and a BMX track – on a listed building!  You could not make it up!!  They want to offer £1.75 million to the council as compensation for the loss of the “jewel in the crown of the borough” because they can’t afford to put any leisure buildings on the site.  Will the council help L&Q?  Well, £1.75 million compensation for the loss of the worlds most famous greyhound stadium has mass media attention from the BBC, ITV, Sky and all national press – as well as Parliament, MPs and the London Assembly.  It would be an insult if the council even considered such a joke offer.

Waltham Forest council owe the tax payer the duty to disclose the loss and to stop covering up the misuse.  It is a total farce by the council to say that we can’t disclose because it’s commercially sensitive.  Why?  L&Q are not selling!  Was it because the council encouraged them to buy it in the first place?

The truth will out…

Mike Johnson L&Q ” we were given encouragement to buy from the council ……………  make of it what you will “

Saveourstow have taped evidence to produce  ….. concerning the stow to any inspector

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  1. Junior says:

    Six developers have been shortlisted to build the first new homes on the Olympic Park.

    The Olympic Park Legacy Company has today announced the bidders who are in the running to build 800 homes at Chobham Manor, which sits between the 2012 athletes village and the velo park.

    The six shortlisted bidders are:

    East Thames and Countryside Properties
    Barratt Homes and Le Frak Organisation
    St James Group Ltd (part of Berkeley)
    Swan Housing Association, Urban Splash, Yoo and Mace
    Notting Hill Housing, United House and HTA
    Taylor Wimpey and London & Quadrant
    Bidders will be submit proposals by the end of February, with the successful developer being selected in the summer. The first homes are due to be complete by 2014.

    An OPLC spokesperson said around 30 per cent of the homes will be classed as ‘affordable’ but said it has not yet been decided on whether they will be for social rent, affordable rent at up to 80 per cent of market rent, or for low cost home ownership.

    Andrew Altman, chief executive of OPLC, said: ‘We have received an extremely strong response from developers interested in building Chobham Manor.’

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