Walthamstow greyhound stadium latest – L&Q reputation destroyed & plans totally fail !!

L&Q’s plan for the Iconic Walthamstow greyhound stadium have totally collapsed and are highly likely to be withdrawn. Saveourstow has exposed total flaws in L&Q plans with even the submission by Conran & partners (who have no experience in housing estates) not completed to proper scales. English heritage has reported grave reservations concerning housing in the centre and the 8 story high rise to the side . The GLA have also failed the plans under theLondonplan. L&Q will now make losses of over 40 million with reduced housing. It’s now time for them to honor the residents wishes and sell to Mr Bob Morton and his RSL partner whose pre application has been lodged with the council. L&Q’s plans would be rejected if they dare go to planning despite trying to hood wink the public by withholding the viability of their so-called 50 million developments with the help of the local council. We call upon the council to reveal the multi million losses of the site to the tax payer and ask why this is the only site to have this with holding of disclosure in the borough’s history. We also ask that the council stop trading behind closed doors and allowing one public funded organization to trade off against another public body to hide and bury losses. Mayor Johnson was at the stadium touting for votes to be Mayor and yet allows this farce to continue with tax payer money wastage mounting by the day under his watch. 

We also call upon Turloch O’ Brien chairman of L&Q to sack his CEO David Montague (tax payer funded £250,000 a year salary) and responsible for this total sham and ripping off  the tax payer with the decision to buy the ill- fated site for 18.1 million and now worth only 7.5 million. The site is not viable for housing numbers that L&Q need – they started at 500 houses then down to 300 and now down probably to 200 with revised plans to come and still they cannot obtain planning permission. 

Conran & partners have wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payer money with their ill fated planning and L&Q now over 25 million of tax payer money which is a total disgrace and L&Q should be stripped of funding by Parliament. L&Q have also spent hundreds on consultants reports all funded by the tax payer on this site to try and discredit Mr Morton and his RSL partner. 

During the housing association plans, the council has removed the housing portfolio holder who was helping L&Q by email evidence and L&Q’s Director was also caught out by email trying to fix planning dates and trying to glean intelligence fromWalthamforest Council on certain sites to stop the residents objecting to their plans. All the evidence came to light under the freedom of information act request by saveourstow and resident partners of the Borough. 

L&Q have been forced to apologise to government ministers for their actions and are simply hated by the residents of the Borough of Waltham forest with many comments on the local paper website. L&Q are now back to land banking with over three architects and consultations later and they have reduced the iconic stadium to an eyesore. 

L&Q also lied to the residents and put over 500 locals on long term benefits and destroyed the night time economy of the Borough. L&Q were in fact in pre application talks as far back as 14th May 2007 with Waltham forest council concerning the stow while it was still operating , employing the residents of the borough, and entertaining record crowds. This fact was again disclosed under the freedom of information act.- making their whole reason for a change of use of the stadium a” sham” 

Saveourstow now urge the chairman of L&Q to go into direct talks with Mr Bob Morton and his RSL partner and save the tax payer further losses. We also call upon councilors now to play apart and represent the residents who handed in the 20,000 petition via Iain Duncan-Smith and the then Labour MP Neil Gerrard.


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3 Responses to Walthamstow greyhound stadium latest – L&Q reputation destroyed & plans totally fail !!

  1. c. pascarella says:

    The greedy developers which are L&Q have now moved on to Cat Hill in North London, former home of Middlesex University in the hope of ‘dumping ‘ one of their huge, ugly housing estates on to the poor residents there. Cat Hill is a leafy area with ponds and natural wildlife and want to cut down old oak trees and errect almost 300 dwellings including 5 x 6 storey tower blocks! Who are the so called architects at L&Q and were they off sick when the subject ‘ good design’ was taught?

  2. cassa says:

    L&Q are also dreadful employers. Having worked there, I was forced to leave due to a culture of blame and suffered intense, covert bullying by senior management. Many of their ‘affordable’ homes are certainly not. Discovery at Greenwich supplies below par, odd shaped apartments with cheap furnishings and shoddy kitchens and bathrooms. It still costs 1700 pcm to live in a small 3 bed. They charge over 6% interest through their mortgage provider when far cheaper mortgage products are available. How do hey get away with being a charitable social landlord?. Shame on you L&Q!

  3. dreamcatcher says:

    L&Q are no longer a social landlord…thankfully their dire plans for the Stow ain’t gonna happen. Their other new developments may provide people with an opportunity to get on ladder with small deposit, but they charge handsomely in rent, mortgage and overpriced monthly ‘service’ charges; so tenants are now paying up to 2k per month, but if they had access to normal mortgage through a bank they would pay around 1.5k pcm. How L&Q get away with calling it ‘affordable housing’ is anyone’s guess! they need to be exposed for the frauds that they are.

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