Jennette Arnold OBE – Chair of the London Assembly

Opened in 1933 and closed down in 2008, the Walthamstow Dog Track was one of the main employers in Waltham Forest and a major tourist attraction for people from outside the borough.

Developers have now drawn up their plans to redevelop the stadium which would include almost 500 homes but would only keep the art deco façade and the listed dog kennels. Although the borough is in dire need of extra housing, we should not forget that it has hardly any leisure facilities. Following the closure of the EMD (see below), Waltham Forest is now one of the few London boroughs without a cinema. In order to avoid it turning into a complete dormitory town, I think it is essential that the developers consider the inclusion of leisure facilities in the development. Ideally, this should include a restored dog track.

I wrote to the Mayor in June, asking him to support the inclusion of greyhound racing facilities, including a restored dog track, in the plans for a regenerated Walthamstow stadium site. He has now promised me that, when the planning decision comes to the GLA, he will take my concerns into consideration.  

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