Saveourstow would like to update our supporters as we are aware that no updates have been posted for a while.

  1. The English Heritage report in to L&Q’s planning application shows that L&Q’s planning application fails on Heritage grounds, specifically that it is too dense, the 8 storey block of flats is not appropriate next to a Listed Building and that the height and density of the housing estate in the ‘track’s centre’ is particularly inappropriate.
  2. The GLA report in to L&Q’s planning application states that it does not comply with the London Plan.
  3. We have attended meetings with the Planning Inspector (the latest one with both Council and L&Q representatives present) with a view to putting our case forward that the Stow should be offered more protection in the emerging planning policies. The Inspector’s crucial report in this connection is due to be released by the end of October.
  4. L&Q’s planning application is due to be heard before the planning committee maybe in November but more likely in December. We will keep you informed about the date.
  5. The GLA’s report insists that L&Q’s viability assessment must be disclosed. The Council has unbelievably agreed for this viability assessment to be kept under wraps-assisting L&Q as it will show a loss of tens of millions of part tax payers’ money. We have asked questions of both the council’s head of planning and the Chief Executive however we have yet to receive satisfactory replies. We will continue to push for proper answers to our very reasonable questions.
  6. L&Q has seemingly agreed ‘under the counter’ to compensate the council with £1.75m for the loss of the Stow with this money being used in connection with the Pool and Track facility. We feel that this is totally wrong on all counts and we are again asking the council to justify their actions.

We will post more news as and when it becomes available. Please post your comments on our website.

We remain very confident that L&Q’s submitted plans will be rejected and the fact that they are negotiating on off site leisure contribution shows that there is insufficient leisure offered by their on site proposals. The lack of transparency and the attempt to hide from the public both the £25m plus loss on the site of part taxpayer money and the £1.75m ‘deal’ with the council is quite simply a public disgrace.

Thank you for your continued support


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