Saveourstow is delighted to announce that Hawk Properties Ltd (Bob Morton’s company) has delivered its pre planning application for Walthamstow Stadium to Waltham Forest Council. The plans are attached to this statement.

These plans reflect a multi use stadium including affordable housing, sports and leisure uses for the whole community including the return of greyhound racing to its historic home. Hawk Properties Ltd is in partnership with a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) for the affordable housing.

Mr Morton’s plans reflect the demands and wishes of both local MP’s and the vast majority of the Borough’s residents. They ensure that this iconic East London site, the world famous Stow, will be reinstated as the focal point of the community and used for all ages of Waltham Forest in the creation of jobs, community use, leisure and affordable housing. This is a unique scheme with private money which will not burden the tax payer with the enormous losses  that L&Q will if they are ever allowed to build.

Mr Morton’s plans contrast dramatically to those offered by L&Q. L&Q’s plans are for a high rise Housing Estate which is poorly designed, completely isolated and self contained and a flash back to the bad old days of high density housing estates. The high density and isolation of L&Q’s scheme, with one proper entrance, could lead to a fortress type estate and a hive of crime within, extremely difficult to police. Their scheme also fails under the traffic flow onto the Chingford Road and offers the community absolutely nothing but blocks of high rise concrete facing into one another. It is an insult to the community and non workable with no worthwhile leisure whatsoever from architects who have no experience in the field of Housing Estates. We also note that no viability figures have been submitted to the council by L&Q in respect of their scheme.  This is completely wrong both legally and morally and is a lame attempt to cover up the hard fact that L&Q is wasting tens of millions of pounds of tax payers’ money on this doomed scheme. If the councillors value this community and listen to the people who voted them in office then this will be voted out short shrift.

Saveourstow, along with residents associations within the borough, has highlighted the need for leisure for the whole community and hundreds of much needed permanent, London Living Wage, local jobs along with affordable housing. It is now up the council to value its residents and fulfil their wishes as the community waits to see if this council and its planning department are listening to them.

Bob Morton’s plans are available for everyone to view and comment on, please click on link below to download the pdf file (please note it is a large file 10mb)



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  1. lee sivell says:

    i live in walthamstow. i was born in walthamstow and i care alot about this borough. thank you bob morton for the plans for the site of walthamstow stadium. its a brilliant plan and just what the area needs. the rubbish put forward by london and quadrant would shame the area so i am so glad that you have come up with this plan.

  2. Carol M. Kemp says:

    Thank you, I look forward to going through the planning application. Who are the clients, is this development for Muslims only as suggested in Wikipedia? Kind regards. Carol Kemp.

  3. Lewis Fisher says:

    Check the plans out Waltham Forest Council, a much better proposal, compared to a nice big Council Estate proposed by its very delusional Owners L&Q(London and Quarant) Social housing Specialists…..(Yer Rite)….A Soon to be Criminal Paradice !!!!! Just what everyone wants “NOT”!!!!!

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