Ex – Racing Manager of Walthamstow stadium reveals “Calculated plan to make stadium look unviable”

Today we produce evidence to show the greyhound stadium was part of a calculated plan in order to obtain change of use and sell to L&Q. We can also disclose three Labour councillors had meetings with the Chandlers and indeed encouraged L&Q by showing them confidential papers to buy the site.
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Saveourstow now invite every councillor of Waltham forest  to state publicly that they either support or condemn the conduct of L&Q. The residents of the borough need to know which ward councillor supports the stow.
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6 Responses to Ex – Racing Manager of Walthamstow stadium reveals “Calculated plan to make stadium look unviable”

  1. alan nattrass says:

    i think this just confirms what most of us on the outside had thought from the start.
    there appears to be a very fine line, if any at all, between this and a fraud.
    i think a key comment is the fact that the private building company had done their homework and avoided buying the site. this again shows the l and q people to have acted like naive fools.
    i live up north, but regularly visited the stow, surely all the evidence, facts, and common sense point to the company being forced to sell the land and get this flagship of greyhound racing open bigger and better than even before.
    good luck to all those that are fighting so hard to accomplish this, they are to be applauded by all in the area.
    alan nattrass.

  2. LEWIS FISHER says:


  3. Andy Bishop says:

    ..This is the latest from Montague in todays edition of “Inside Housing”. My view is it is total bull unless it is the start of his exit strategy from the Stow..lets hope

    Dog track row housing chief regrets feud with MPs
    12 July 2011 | By Carl Brown

    The chief executive of London & Quadrant has pledged to repair his association’s relationship with local MPs following rows over plans to build on a former dog track in east London.

    The 67,000-home association has caused controversy by buying the site of Walthamstow Stadium, following its closure in 2008. It plans to build a 300-home, £50 million scheme on the site, but campaigners and MPs believe L&Q should have accepted an offer from millionaire Bob Morton, who wants to return dog racing to the site.

    L&Q was forced to apologise to MPs Iain Duncan Smith and Stella Creasy in December for appearing to link them to alleged threatening behaviour towards L&Q staff. In April Mr Duncan Smith accused L&Q of telling a ‘catalogue of lies’ following claims by the association it was working with funding body Sport England to develop plans for the scheme.

    Mr Montague said: ‘I regret the impact it is had on our relationship with local MPs and that is something that I’d like very much to deal with over the longer term.

    ‘I regret the fact that this has been the subject of so much controversy, but we are a housing charity, with a commitment to invest with our key local authority partners.’

    The association has now submitted a planning application to Waltham Forest Council.

    The proposed scheme includes 300 homes, a leisure centre, allotments and a nursery.

    Mr Montague said: ‘I believe that what we are offering will preserve heritage assets, provide much needed new homes and leisure in order to aid a broad range of people locally and I hope very much that our scheme will be judged on its merits.’

  4. DaftAida says:

    What’s Monty going to do, bribe them? L&Q’s scheming most certainly ought to be judged and the lousy lot of them thrown off the public back; leeches.

  5. Andy Bishop says:

    Is Monty in long trousers yet?…I bet IDS and Stella cant wait to meet him again. What really gets my goat is the way they play charitable social housing provider when it suits and then hard nosed property speculator the next. Does anyone on gods earth believe L and Q when they say they are committed to delivering social housing by working closely with our local authority partners. I overheard a local reporter at the recent IDS announcement outside the Stow say to his assistant..looks like another L and Q!….says it all.

    They are now 50% partners with Barratts Homes to deliver the remaining flats at the Emirates..
    all I believe at a premium. Make no mistake this is what they wanted for the Stow and cash in on its Heritage.

  6. Lawrence Mendoza says:

    L & Q have acted with contempt for all reasonable people who believe that the social housing industry has professsional standards
    They hide behind the money and egos that those in power control why else do leavers sign compromise agreements that keep ‘the truth’ out of the public domain in return for financial incentives.
    Why are they not answerable to their public funders and why do they not listen to public opinion?
    Let the ‘saveourstow’ campaign humiliate & expose these masters of deception with the truth behind their double dealings
    Come on campaigners I want to see great dogs like Dolores Rocket and Scurlogue Champ running around my local track again

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