Bob Morton starts planning application process for the world famous “Stow ” greyhound stadium

Following on from the Heritage Minister’s statement in Parliament on Tuesday, Bob Morton gave the green light for the start of his planning application for the world famous “Stow” greyhound stadium.
Mr Morton has now provided his alternative plan to restore the heritage of the site for its original use, in line with the preferred option under planning policy as outlined by the Heritage minister John Penrose in Westminster.
The plans by L&Q offer no worthwhile leisure facility for anyone outside their proposed housing estate.  In fact, a pocket allotment & four leisure rooms in one building is an insult and a farcical replacement for the world famous stadium – and falls well short of the leisure facilities required for the site. L&Q plans even include knocking down part of a listed building in order to place a road around the estate. In a recent consultation, L&Q offered no alternative to the residents – only options for the four leisure rooms and they have never asked residents whether they would like the dog track back. L&Q have failed to make public that they will lose over £25 million if they were ever allowed to build. The game is now over for this public body, whose Directors take £250,000 a year from the public purse, and have failed the taxpayer with their purchase of the stadium. If they carry on with their application, the land value will fall from its current value of £8 million to just £4 million once rejected.  The Secretary of State has also ruled that a site along the road would have too many houses on it and, if that rule was applied to the Stow, only 120 houses would be allowed.  So, even on appeal L&Q can’t win – but they run the risk of a drastic loss once rejected.
The Greyhound Board of Great Britain also issued a statement to say that it was “absurd” for L&Q to assert that the Stow was not viable.
Iain Duncan-Smith today announced Mr Morton’s plans and gave his full backing, calling upon L&Q to sell now and stop wasting any more tax payer money on land they paid far too much for……

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9 Responses to Bob Morton starts planning application process for the world famous “Stow ” greyhound stadium

  1. andy bishop says:

    David Montegue has today in a housing trade magazine once again been imparting his own brand of financial wisdom. While overpaying for the Stow site and ignoring a perfectly viable alternative from a private investor, running the risk of making a massive loss he comes out with the following..

    After months of speculation, the report of the London Mayor’s Housing Investment Taskforce has been published and we can now debate its recommendations.

    The one startling revelation for me is the scale of private investment required to meet the mayor’s housing ambitions – a massive £35 billion over the next four years, with almost £12 billion needed for affordable housing.

    To put that number into context, G15, the group of London’s largest housing associations, has borrowed £14 billion since the beginning of time to deliver 510,000 homes. The challenge now is to borrow almost as much again to deliver one tenth of the number of homes over just four years.

    My view is that meeting the need for new affordable homes is a fundamental part of the sector’s mission.

    We are up for the challenge and the recommendations in the taskforce report are to be welcomed. But we will respond in a way that maintains the support of our local authority partners; that keeps our rents affordable; that stays true to our social mission, and that retains the confidence of our private investors – the people who we want to invest £12 billion in London.

    Investor confidence sits on a four-legged stool, with our housing assets being offered as security, capital grant acting as a valuable security buffer, regulation overseeing our financial health and quality of governance and, crucially, housing benefit paid direct to the landlord.

    There is a compelling argument for the radical simplification of the welfare benefit system, but if the price of reform is withdrawal of investor confidence and reduction in affordable housing supply, the price is too high.

    David Montague is chief executive of London & Quadrant

    For me the sums don’t add up……build less than 100 social and affordable units for a loss of 20 million..
    no wonder he says HA’s need ten times the amount of private investment to meet targets…anyone smell
    something funny???

    Keep up the good work

  2. daftaida says:

    What never ceases to amaze me about L&Q is their sheer stupidity; they are so stupid they are not in the least embarrassed about exposure of such. Blind, deaf and terminally dumb. From top down to bottom up comprised of such self-serving drones, each member of staff can only see a monthly pay-off, a job for life with no measurement of performance standards or delivery of customer services. Preening and priding themselves in the delusion of piety as a ‘charity’ (exempt) as a ‘trust’ (betrayed) and $10BN in the bank smugness which assumes anyone can be bought over to their camp. Arrogance and ignorance extraordinaire. The force is with Bob, the outside favourite.

  3. daftaida says:

    What happened to the compulsory purchase order or is the council in L&Q’s smelly back pocket?

  4. Martin Donovan says:

    Did anyone notice that in last weeks waltham forest guardian there were no less that 3 seperate articles involving L&Q, In all 3 articles the residents of waltham forest disagree with L&Qs proposals and plans, yet L&Q still maintain “Thats its plans are shaped in consultation with local residents” are they talking about the 6% of local residents that were undecided whether they want greyhound racing to be returned to the “stow”. If L&Q are prepared to brush aside the wishes of 94% of local residents in order to get what they want then this says a lot about them as a charity, In my opinion, even though L&Q say thay will make a loss of £25 million if they redevelop the stow, The executives will probably earn tens of thousands of pounds from tendering contracts to various building companies and trades who will be queing up to do the work, i wonder where this money will go? i doubt if it will end up in L&Qs bank account, maybe thats why they are happy to make a loss of £25 million of taxpayers money so that they can beef up their own bank accounts. This whole affair leaves a very nasty taste in my mouth,
    It is now time for the government to step in and put an end to this blatant wastage of taxpayers money and bring those responsable to justice, L&Qs behavior makes the MPs expenses scandal look like petty cash!

  5. mres stark says:


  6. Junior says:

    The Shower in Charge of the L&Q Shambles
    by technomist @ 2010-11-14 – 18:24:06
    Save our Stow has published the names of some of the people on the Board of London and Quadrant who are, in their view, busy wrecking our borough because they have failed to ensure that their organisation is run by people who are up to the job and who give a monkey’s about the consequences of their behaviour in this part of London. As Save Our Stow puts it:

    ‘They are all part of the L&Q sham’.

    It is a very interesting list of probably not very interesting people:

    Turlogh O’Brien CBE, Hon FCIBSE, FRSA is the Chairman. His namesake was an eleventh century High King of Ireland.

    When not failing to control the activities of L&Q in the interests of the people of Walthamstow, he works part time for ‘a global design and business consulting firm’. His profile on the information L&Q gives to its long-suffering tenants about who runs this organisation is vague and opaque verbage.

    However, I can tell residents that from 1999 till 2004 he was the Chairman of Arup Group Ltd, (the firm that brought us the Millenium Bridge, wobbles and all) before being demoted to deputy Chairman for 2000-2004. Since then he’s been a ‘consultant’ for Arup Group Ltd and a Trustee of the Ove Arup Foundation, where I’m sure everyone is very proud of how L&Q has managed to piss off the people of Walthamstow. Or maybe they don’t know. The Council of the University of Southampton , which Mr O’Brien is a member of, seem to think he’s been a member of the Energy Research Partnership since 2006, but a perusal of that organisation’s list of current members makes no mention of this. No doubt there’s an innocent explanation for that.

    Diane Phillips is a retired civil servant who is Deputy Chair of the Group Board.

    David Montague is Group Chief Executive, previously the Group Finance Director. He’s knocked about at L&Q since 1989.

    Others include: Ainsley Forbes who has been with L&Q since 1990. He is also chair of theUjima Foundation an organisation set up by L&Q. (Ujima was the name of a housing association. It went belly up in 2008. Ujima had been pursuing a rapid expansion programme, buying up housing and land funded mainly by loans, which were meant to be serviced chiefly by rental income – which was insufficient to cover capital spending. With the association in default of these loans, a manager was appointed under special powers in the 1996 Housing Act to implement the transfer of its assets and liabilities to London and Quadrant (L&Q), much to the reported disquiet of several rivals keen on making a bid.)

    Claire Martin who is an employee of Kent County Council.

    Robert Cooper is some kind of a chartered accountant who wants to be thought of as an investment banker.

    Brian Carroll is a retired Finance Director of Waitrose and former civil servant, when not moonlighting as a church commissioner and something called ‘a retail Consultant’. Despite his retirement he recently supplemented his pension at Brasenose College Oxford (where people probably don’t think of him as a would-be builder of a future slum in Walthamstow), but have now replaced him anyway after a stint as interim burser.

    Ron Goodman is in the construction business.

    Russell Profitt who has a background as a former national Union of Students hack and working as ‘Director of Services and Central Departments’ for the London Borough of Southwark. He’s also been a Labour councillor in the London Borough of Lewisham. Both places are possibly worse run even than Waltham Forest.

    Frank Chersky is the pet ‘resident’ of L&Q. Frank has been involved in a number of L&Q Committees over the years. He is currently Chair of the Resident’s Board, a member of the Ujima Foundation and Chair of the North London Neighbourhood Committee. He works as a teacher for Haringey Primary Care Trust and has also found time to be appointed to the Board of ‘Independent Housing Ombudsman Ltd.’ as a ‘Tenant Director’. This is what the government calls an ‘Executive Non Departmental Public Body ‘.

    Chinnelle Anichebe is Vice Chair of the Residents Board and is Chair of the City and Central Neighbourhood Committee. She is employed at Southwark College. A puff piece full of managerial bullshit with a picture trying to make her look important and dynamic can be seen at page 4 in the fascinating ‘Southwark College Voice’ Magazine (Issue 1), which looks suspiciously like a publication produced at taxpayers’ expense.

    I am sure they are all the life and soul of the Moroccan red wine and peanuts circuit, but none of these people seems to have any relevant connections with Walthamstow such as would qualify them, morally or politically, to be running any kind of a property development here, let alone one using taxpayers’ money. This is particularly galling when you consider how cack-handed London and Quadrant has been in regard to theWalthamstow Dogtrack.

    REGISTER OF INTERESTS Compiled: 31 March 2011
    Interest Declared
    Turlogh O’Brien
    Chairman–L&Q Group Board
    Member–Major Ventures Committee
    Chairman–Governance and Remuneration Committee
    Council Member–University of Southampton
    Diane Phillips
    Deputy Chair–L&Q Group Board
    Member–Governance and Remuneration Committee
    Chair–Major Ventures Committee
    Chinnelle Anichebe
    Member–L&Q Group Board Member–Resident Board
    L&Q Resident
    Marketing Manager– Southwark College
    Brian Carroll
    Member–L&Q Group Board
    Member–Audit and Risk Committee
    Member–Major Ventures Committee
    Page 1 of 5Frank Chersky
    Member–L&Q Group Board Chair–Resident Board
    L&Q Resident
    Registration Authority Agent– NHS
    Teacher–Whittington Health NHS Trust
    Non Executive Director– Independent Housing Ombudsman Ltd
    Robert Cooper
    Member–L&Q Group Board
    Member–Governance and Remuneration Committee
    Chairman–Audit and Risk Committee
    Member–Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
    Ainsley Forbes
    Member–L&Q Group Board
    Member–Audit and Risk Committee
    Brother’s partner is an L&Q Resident
    Member–ARHAG Housing Association
    Ron Goodman
    Member–L&Q Group Board
    Member–Audit and Risk Committee
    Member–Major Ventures Committee
    Sole Proprietor–RPG Associates
    Joanna Killian
    Member–L&Q Group Board
    Chief Executive–Essex County Council
    Chief Executive–Brentwood Borough Council
    Claire Martin
    Member–L&Q Group Board
    Member–Audit and Risk Committee
    Member–Governance and Remuneration Committee
    Head of Supporting People– Kent County Council
    Page 2 of 5
    David Montague
    Chief Executive–L&Q
    Executive Group Board Member
    Chairman–Quadrant Construction Services Ltd
    Director –Quadrant Housing Finance Ltd
    Russell Profitt
    Member–L&Q Group Board
    Trustee – Camberwell After School Project
    Interest Declared
    Waqar Ahmed
    Group Director–Finance Director–Zest Homes Ltd
    Director–Quadrant Construction Services Ltd
    Director–Quadrant Housing Finance Ltd
    Mike Donaldson
    Group Director–Resident Services
    Member–Chartered Institute of Housing
    Jerome Geoghegan
    Group Director– Development
    Director–Zest Homes Ltd
    Director–Quadrant Construction Services Ltd
    Corporate Member– Chartered Institute of Housing
    Tom Nicholls
    Group Director– Human Resources
    Page 3 of 5
    Interest Declared
    Nicholas Cursley
    Programme Director Director– Zest Homes Ltd
    Director–Quadrant Construction Services Ltd
    Matthew Corbett
    Neighbourhood Investment Manager–South East Neighbourhood
    Member–Chartered Institute of Housing
    Diane Hart
    Neighbourhood Services Director
    Married to Mike Johnson – Land Director – L&Q
    Mike Johnson
    Land Director Director–Zest Homes Ltd
    Director–Quadrant Construction Services Ltd
    Married to Diane Hart – Neighbourhood Services Director – L & Q
    Kevin Jones
    Neighbourhood Services Director
    Stephen Kerridge
    Assistant Director– Neighbourhood Services South East
    Member–Chartered Institute of Housing
    Stuart Miller
    Director–Direct Procurement
    Director–Quadrant Construction Services Ltd
    Sole Director–MAST CC Ltd
    Member–Associate Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
    Member–Chartered Institute of Builders
    Tim Mulvenna
    Neighbourhood Services Director–West Neighbourhood
    Leigh Pattison
    Assistant Director –Estate Regeneration
    Page 4 of 5
    Andrew Rowland
    Projects Director
    Director –Quadrant Construction Services Ltd
    Director –Zest Homes Ltd
    Judith During
    Assistant Director– Neighbourhood Services
    Sister is L&Q resident
    Steve Yianni
    Commercial Director–Sales Director–Zest Homes Ltd
    Director–Quadrant Construction Services Ltd
    Director–GBP LLP (on behalf of L&Q)
    Director–Acton Green LLP (on behalf of L&Q)

  7. Junior says:

    Who is the Chair on your Neighbourhood Committee Group (how many Tenant’s in your area and saying only 15 people) this appears to be secret society that its supposes to be for your Service that does not publish its Minutes of the Meeting. It appears to be a Secret Society of whom? Also does not publish the name of the Committee Members and does not publish the date of the meeting. It is saying it’s not a Public Meeting that a joke its supposes to be about your Services this is very strange do they L & Q not understand Tenant’s Involvement do they not understand what is Local Offers and TSA Standards. Go look at Get Involved only 80 out of 58,000.00 tenants turn up and had the bare face cheek to publish this. What is this telling you about this Governance of the Board, Senior Management and have you read 80 per cent Customer Satisfactory. Where, whom produced these figures and where our the Tenant’s to “Scrutiny Services” I say not in my Neighbourhood.

    Some of these above members seem to be sitting far to long in Chair’s and where is the Model Rules. – Well whom voted for them to Represent me not me. ” One Tenant One Vote”

    A website telling you how to get Involved but where is the evident that is not the Nodding/Horse Dog’s the Amenable Tenants.

    What are the MP’s and Councillors sitting on these Board’s and Neighbourhood Committee what hat have they got on today the hat of the Council or the hat of the Housing Association due to a Code of Conduct they have to sign. Well it will not be the Tenant’s hat on.

    Ask yourselves a question next time one of your goes to a Councillor or MP in the area and ask for a Member Enquiry on the Housing Association. Get them to disclose interest’s ensure not sitting on our Board or any Family members on someone sitting on the board.

  8. Junior says:

    Now you read this again look about and your see the same people sitting on these Group’s which means they Scrutiny themselves and letting Management get away with blue murder. (Again “One Tenant One Vote”) No Tenant Involvement this is another sham of the Board and Governance Structure. Reading this our you David and them that call yourselves Tenant’s of the Group’s. I would bar you all never to sit on another Group inside or outside. (Party over). Well you and the other’s member’s day’s our numbered and remember the TSA can come taken your over or go and look at the Enforcement Notices

    I strong suggest any Tenant sitting on any of these above committee resign now (remember the party is over). You sham of a Housing Association using Taxpayer’s money and think you can class yourselves has a Private Company.

  9. Andy Bishop says:

    Its all a money go round. Their own construction company will do the no sustainable jobs for the new jobs just the loss of the old ones. L and Q will show a loss on the development (tax write downs etc) and Quadrant Construction Ltd will show a nice profit and bonus to the directors who are !!!….. no surprise then. They all profit financially , kudos and all. The losers are local residents jobs, loss of a perfectly viable leisure facility, heritage and identity with the Stow. Those in the industry who took out additional mortgages and had to lay off staff. Oh and dont forget the added burden on the infrastructure. How can L and Q justify such a massive board of directors in these austere times?. Speculating on brown sites within the poorer boroughs. Buying a perfectly viable dogtrack…to build a glorified prison block or buying a poorly run council old peoples home, less than 40 years old and replacing with over 100 flats with limited parking. This is how communities gradually fail with oversaturation and strain on local services. We do not need more housing in London…we need less people.

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