World Famous “Stow” now debated in Parliament on 7th June 2011‏

Stella Creasy MP

This week I have also secured a debate in Westminster Hall on 7 June to highlight my concerns about heritage and in particular the need for stronger powers to protect the future of two Walthamstow heritage assets, the Dog Track and the former EMD Cinema. By convention government ministers have to respond to the points raised in these debates so it gives me an opportunity to hold them to account for their actions to date on these issues. I am concerned that communities need stronger powers to not only prevent damage to heritage assets but also ensure they are open to enjoyment for generations to come. If you have strong views on this issue please do get in touch:

SOS view ” L&Q had the chance to walk away with their reputation in tact and do the right thing for the community but they chose to ignore residents and the greyhound industry . They must now pay the price as this is now a national issue before Parliament which provides L&Q as a group with funds. The Directors should realise that they cannot act as property developers and speculate on the property market with tax payer money ” When L&Q put an option on the stadium in July 2007 while  the stadium  was still viably operating and paid well over the odds for the land that had no planning permission they destroyed the heart of the community of waltham forest and are responsible for putting hundreds on long term unemployment benefits. They must now be made to pay for the misuse of public funds and their actions as a group.

SOS will return greyhound racing to it’s primary historic home without fail and urge all supporters to email Stella

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