Saveourstow is delighted to announce that Mr Bob Morton yesterday repeated his £9m offer to purchase Walthamstow Stadium from L&Q in a letter to L&Q’s Chief Executive David Montague. The offer is well above the site’s current market value and, with the Billet Road site being refused planning permission by the Secretary of State, there is now no chance of L&Q’s deeply unpopular plans being successful. We also note that council planners have rejected plans for the EMD Cinema due to its historic asset status to the borough and viability issues and these principles apply even stronger to the Stow.

It is now time for our ‘Major East End Landmark’ and ‘best surviving and most celebrated inter- war greyhound stadium’ (as quoted by English Heritage) to be returned to it’s historic use. The stadium is completely viable and Mr Morton, a multi–millionaire on the Times Rich List and owner of another successful greyhound track, has given assurances to the Council Leadership that he will return the stadium to its full glory for East Londoners and the Borough to enjoy and in time for next Summer’s Olympics if a deal can be finalised shortly. He also pledged more Affordable Housing on the site than L&Q’s current plans offer and pledged full support to the Borough with millions of pounds of private investment creating 1,500 jobs and a sustainable night-time economy.

We invite Labour Local Councillors to join Saveourstow in condemning L&Q for their lies and destroying employment, economic growth and inward investment by land banking the iconic stadium, using public funds to do so. Council Leader Chris Robbins now has the shame as leader for allowing the stadium to lie in ruins and be an eyesore for the upcoming Olympics. He is burying his head in the sand but this will not go away and his party will be judged at the next election by whether greyhound racing is returned to the site, as demanded by 94% of residents who voted him in to office. The Labour Council can and must act now or face the utter humiliation of allowing the most iconic greyhound stadium in Europe to become another housing estate slum created by L&Q,  while hundreds of his residents remain unemployed. Chris Robbins would be selling the Borough’s Heritage for the sake of a commercial developer which has wasted millions of tax payer money which, even if they did build, would make a 25 million plus loss out of part taxpayer funds!!

Chris Robbins has failed to uphold Labour values so far and we call upon him to create the 1,500 jobs so vital to his borough with private money, not public subsidy, by publicly condemning L&Q in line with MP’s, the Mayor of London and his fellow councillors. He must now lead and call time on L&Q.

L&Q has failed for three years to submit a planning application, blaming everyone bar themselves. We note that L&Q Director Steve Yianni has now stated an application will be made ‘later in the year’ after promising local councillors that it would be submitted by 31 March at the latest and ‘imminently’ at the recent consultations. The first planning application submission date given was late 2008-just when will Chris Robbins stop his constituents and fellow councillors being lied to in this way and treated with utter contempt?  L&Q has been branded ‘liars’ by a Government Minister and accused of total deception by Councillors of Waltham Forest. The only reason they will not sell is because the Chief Executive has staked his personal reputation on the site.

L&Q was offered £750,000 pounds a year to lease the stadium almost three years ago which they could have done for recouped a substantial amount for the tax payer but declined because they knew it would show how viable the site is. L&Q is totally wasting tax payer money and we call for a public enquiry in to L&Q finances when they appear before Parliament.

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  1. Godzilla's Banana says:

    You’ve played the ‘white man’ to death. In law, their arrogance cannot hold fix. Arrogance and contempt of law will always fail in the eyes of the law. Let them collapse. Not one of their policies are adhered to and not one of their words are truth. Small fry, tripping itself up by it’s own dishonesty and corruption. No matter how much money’s in the bank through ill-gotton concessions, no judge in this land will support flagrant disrespect of law. Let them make utter idiots of themselves and may they crash for the greater good of all.

  2. andy bishop says:

    Supporters maybe interested in this recent quoted speech by L and Q’s Chief Executive stating HA’s will be short of funds in 2015 to deliver social housing. This is the same man who is refusing Bob Mortons private investment……….

    “The capital’s most powerful housing associations could exhaust their capacity to fund new homes by 2015 unless the government finds an alternative way of funding affordable housing. Unpublished research by the London mayor’s housing taskforce is expected to reveal that the delivery of 50,000 affordable homes between 2011 to 2015 will demand almost £14 billion of private cash. This is approaching the amount collectively loaned to the G15 group of London’s largest associations, which together own 420,000 homes, since they were first allowed to borrow more than two decades ago. ‘It is an extraordinary amount,’ said David Montague, chief executive of G15 association London & Quadrant. Mr Montague, a member of the housing taskforce, refused to confirm the £14 billion figure but admitted G15 members were worried about their capacity to deliver new homes post 2015. ‘It is true to say that there is general concern that while we all committed to making this work by making the flexibility work in a responsible way, there is some concern about whether we could bid again in four years’ time without a more sustainable model.’

  3. Junior says:

    SO L & Q WHERE IS OUR MONEY SINCE 2008 TO 2011 OF 4 TIMES 250,000.00
    Services for Residents
    About L&Q
    Our Values & Our People
    The Ujima foundationThe Ujima Foundation
    The Ujima Foundation, established following the merger of L&Q and Ujima in January 2008, will help ensure that Ujimas founding principles are preserved. The aim is to address the barriers to inclusion faced by diverse communities.
    The foundation will support projects and initiatives that promote opportunity in housing, that seek to benefit L&Q and former Ujima residents and staff. It will also undertake research and promotional work to highlight problems that weaken community cohesion.
    The Ujima foundation board

    The Ujima Foundation’s work is supervised by a group of former Ujima board members, L&Q board members, residents and independent advisors.
    The board members for the Ujima foundation are:
    Ainsley Forbes (Chair)
    Cecily Davis
    Frank Chersky
    Claire Martin
    Carol Thompson-Ellis
    Marta Phillips

    Ainsley Forbes, Ujima Foundation chair

    L&Q is setting aside £250,000 per year for the foundation’s work and hopes to raise a further contributions from organisations that have supported or advised Ujima in the past.
    Donations have already been received from organisations including William Sutton Homes, part of the Affinity Sutton Group

    see fraud case again UJIMA HOUSING ASSOCAITION
    Charge marks second fraud case in connection with the failed housing association
    Former Ujima chief charged with fraud
    The former chief executive of failed housing association Ujima has been charged with a £3.5 million fraud along with two other men.
    Kenneth Kerr, 55, also known as Keith, is due to appear before Southwark Crown Court next month alongside Alan Boswell, 52, of West Drayton, and Gregory Simon Causer, 40, of Chalfont St Peter, on five separate counts relating to an alleged £3.5 million fraud at the London-based landlord, which collapsed in 2008.

    News of the charges came as a previous case concerning an unconnected alleged fraud at Ujima opened for trial at Isleworth Crown Court on Monday.

    Paul Campagne, 46, and Rose Avwunu, 53, both of Coulsdon, Surrey, have previously pleaded not guilty to nine counts of money laundering. The court this week heard that Ms Avwunu’s husband, George Avwunu, allegedly transferred £208,000 to Dr Campagne while working as finance director at Ujima in 2007.

    Ms Avwunu and Dr Campagne are accused of handling £160,000 of the money transferred from Ujima while knowing or suspecting that it was the proceeds of crime.

    Prosecutor Roger Milne QC described Dr Campagne as a well-respected businessman who had worked for the Bank of England and French bank BNP Paribas.

    Dr Campagne allegedly carried out a number of assignments for Ujima and was paid by Mr Avwunu.

    One project included exploring whether the housing association could expand into the hotel industry. But Mr Milne told the court: ‘The board knew nothing about any expansion into the hotel business or indeed about Paul Campagne.’

    Dr Campagne was then allegedly asked to transfer some of the money into Ms Avwunu’s personal bank account.

    He understood the payments to Ms Avwunu’s account were to cover researchers working on a report about expanding Ujima’s business, the court heard.

    When Ujima was taken over by London & Quadrant in 2008, finance staff discovered a £208,000 hole in the fallen association’s finances and made moves to suspend Mr Avwunu. He tried to clear his office of documents relating to the alleged fraud but was stopped, the court heard.

    Ms Avwunu told police that she had no idea why the money had been transferred into her account. She spent the money on school fees for her children and household items.

    Mr Avwunu was arrested at the same time as his wife and Dr Campagne. He absconded from bail and has not been seen since.

    The trial continues.

    Kenneth Kerr

    Ujima chief executive 2006 to 2008

    Charged with five counts related to alleged £3.5 million fraud

    Rose Avwunu

    Wife of former Ujima finance director

    Denies nine counts of money laundering relating to alleged £208,000 fraud

    Paul Campagne

    Business consultant

    Denies nine counts of money laundering relating to alleged £208,000 fraud

  4. Junior says:

    Dear Bob

    Our you in contact with your North East Neighbourhood Committtee (but could of changed the Committee Group’s name it may just be East Now??? (website needs updating) go and look on L & Q website under Resident Services and ask the Chair and Committee Member’s the question what you doing then? just listening to Management and when you coming to see us then and ask Involvement Team what is date of next meeting due if you look on Events (nothing listed) for the Neighbourhood Committee in your area and these staff under section called Neighbourhood Investment Manager

  5. Junior says:

    L &Q rejects rival’s plan for stadium site
    25 July 2011

    London and Quadrant has released evidence showing why it believes a millionaire’s plan to re-introduce dog racing to its Walthamstow Stadium site is unviable.

    L&Q has applied to build around 300 homes on the iconic site but millionaire Bob Morton, who wants to buy the site, has drawn up an alternative scheme which includes 117 homes, a dog track, nightclub, restaurant and football pitches.

    A report, commissioned by L&Q and written by Regeneris Consulting, says Mr Morton’s plans would increase traffic congestion by up to 120,000 extra car arrivals a year.

    It also says the plans would lead to between 400 and 500 cars attempting to park in roads and the loss of around 200 homes, when compared to L&Q’s offer.

    Campaign group Save Our Stow, which wants the site re-opened as a dog track, plans to take out an advertisement in a local newspaper criticising L&Q’s plan.

    A draft of the advertisement says: ‘Crime will soar from the dense estate onto our streets.’ It does not explain why SOS thinks this would be the case.

    Rick Holloway, of SOS, told Inside Housing he made the claim because he had heard from police that crime at another unspecified housing estate with underground parking had risen.

    Mike Johnson, development director at L&Q, said: ‘The suggestion that crime will soar due to our development is unfounded and completely unsupported by any evidence.’

  6. Junior says:

    Also BE VERY AWARE if some of the land the property which above is Residential Property’s that IF A Express/Metro Stores go in and why because of our case.

    The Stores is open from 07:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m. 364 days a year with have to deal with deliver’s or loading and unload and trolley’s block the public highway. We been able to stop originally 05:00 a.m. and 06:13 a.m. delivers and now coming after 08:00 a.m. but staff turn up banging on the door at 06:45 a.m. (these are mother’s, father’s and children listening to this noise 364 days a year)

    The Window cleaning couldn’t clean the windows due to staff wouldn’t move the offending trolley’s

    Also using our areas and we paying for the upkeep and maintenance.

    I have complaint to Tesco and with Reference Number’s, Environmental Health Officer with Reference Number but Parking wants proof evidence.

    We ask from CCTV to be put up by L & Q

    We ask for a meeting and saying due to staff leave we have to wait until September, 2011

    We had not over 8 delivers to Tesco and its 13:30 p.m. – Its the trolley’s and constant noise . This is without the staff smoking and putting cig’s butt’s in our area and in our planted area and leaving all the rubbish all over the place.

    Anyone got any good suggestions or how to deal with a Landlord like L & Q which does seem on the face of it to care

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