Statement from Iain Duncan-Smith (MP)

“I was very disappointed to learn that L&Q have once again misled the public. This is the latest in a catalogue of lies from L&Q – one of the most recent being their accusation that I was using bullying tactics against them. They were later forced to retract this accusation and apologise. L&Q are increasingly behaving like a disingenuous property speculator, not like a taxpayer-funded RSL, and this is unacceptable. I will be taking this matter up with the Council and colleagues in Government.”

Iain Duncan-Smith

Saveourstow added:

Saveourstow cannot comprehend how a public funded organisation such as L&Q can mislead the residents of a borough and use logos of a national sports body without having any working relationship with them – and yet tell a consultation that it has such a relationship. It makes their whole planning consultation procedure a “sham” and invalid.  L&Q’s so-called leisure option of four rooms being supported by Sport England is deception of the highest order . These are acts of sheer desperation on behalf of directors who take £250,000 in salary a year from the public purse.
Nearly three years ago, Saveourstow predicted L&Q would land bank and we have been proved right.  They cannot put in a planning application because the site will make  a £30 million loss, and they have already failed dramatically by claiming to build 500 houses first and three years later are down to just 300 – with only 120 ‘affordable’ now.  L&Q now has a commercial site on its hands, bought with tax payers’ money.  They are plain property developers, hiding behind the guise of helping the homeless. 
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