Walthamstow Stadium – Plans & Pledge to the community by Mr Bob Morton


I am today repeating my historical offer of £9m to purchase Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium. I have budgeted a further £6m to refurbish the greyhound facility and other leisure uses in line with English Heritage’s expectations. For the time being at least, my offer remains at the above price, despite the fact that the site is being devalued by the day.

I previously pledged that all employees of Walthamstow Stadium under my ownership would be paid in accordance with the London Living Wage. I am today making three further pledges:

  1. To ensure that all residential units incorporated in my plans (currently approximately 120) would be affordable housing if that is the wish of Waltham Forest Council. This means that the affordable housing offered by my scheme would at least equal and probably exceed the affordable housing offered by L&Q’s plans.
  2. If the Stadium is sold to me within the next 2 months, then I will do everything in my power to ensure that the greyhound track and other leisure facilities are open for business in time for the commencement of the London Olympics. This would ensure that this part of Waltham Forest attracts massive inward investment and a night time economy from the Olympic Games alone.
  3. My team is currently in discussions with Supporters Direct to explore the possibilities of the community becoming directly involved with the ownership and therefore the running of a true community facility. I will shortly be receiving proposals from Supporters Direct to which I will give utmost consideration.

I would suggest that London & Quadrant manage all residential units as part of our deal.

I appeal to London & Quadrant to be part of these plans and to work with me to provide housing, jobs, a greyhound track and other leisure facilities that the whole community can be proud of. I am happy to discuss my proposals with London & Quadrant, local MP’s and Councillors.

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