Press Statement‏ from Andrew Rosindell MP (MP for Romford)

“I am appalled to hear that L&Q have once again delayed on submitting their planning application for the Walthamstow stadium site.  This repeated delaying whist they play the property market is wholly unacceptable and yet another example of their mismanagement of the iconic stadium site, which they should never have been allowed to acquire in the first place.  With over 94% of local residents supporting the plans of Bob Mortimer to regenerate the site and restore the famous stadium to its former glory, surely it is time for Waltham Forest Council to take decisive action and order a compulsory purchase.  This way greyhound racing can return to Walthamstow, local jobs will be protected and the public purse will not have to foot the bill.”

Andrew Rosindell (MP for Romford)

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2 Responses to Press Statement‏ from Andrew Rosindell MP (MP for Romford)

  1. david andrews says:

    Absolutely agree mr rosindall, this charade has gone on for far too long!!
    It`s now time for the council to say enough is enough, and put in a compulsory purchase order.
    Let`s get the track re-opened and ear mark the 2013 greyhound derby to take place at the flagship stadium.

  2. Tom Corderoy says:

    Someone should tell Andrew R that it is not the comedian Bob Mortimer that is hoping to purchase the stadium but Bob Morton who incidentally is not joking about the viability factor at this site.
    Look, we all know L&Q have consistently lied and lied again- we all know that their main intention is to land-bank the property in a vain hope that the market recovers sufficiently to get some of their cash back. When all said and done the best we can hope for to get the stadium back in our hands is to pursue the matter through the high courts. I just hope every MP and councillor join forces and ram the message home- OPEN THE STOW it is what the public want.

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