L&Q’s plans for Walthamstow Stadium offers the local community absolutely nothing; except a crime and drugs den, traffic chaos and further strain on health and education resources.

L&Q’s words about Heritage are cheap – but the truth is that there is no recognition of the heritage of the stadium whatsoever – not one mention of greyhound racing which IS the heritage of the site. The Grade 2 Listed kennels will be storage – heritage indeed! And the tote board a juice bar !

L&Q have been told that there must be significant leisure on the site. There is no such provision in the plans. The Stow attracted tens of thousands of visitors from all around the world. L&Q is replacing this with four ‘gym like’ rooms and a juice bar …. There are already dozens of gyms and coffee shops in the area. As for the 10 allotments, there are already empty allotments locally and these plans could attract rodents to the site which would be a health risk to families with young children. The new 80 space nursery we envisage will be taken up by families living on the housing estate. Recently applicants in Waltham Forest have had to prove the commercial viability of their nurseries and leisure proposals; so we await with keen interest the information to support L&Q proposals, along with the viability statement for the proposed housing itself.  L&Q state that ‘there is not enough room’ for proper leisure facilities, this is the one feature that local community want …. We guess that an 8 acre site is just not big enough?

L&Q’s suggestion of 250 jobs is we feel very misleading. 200 of these merely represent giving work to their own employees and contractors to build the site. And if they need 50 people to run 3 rooms and a juice bar then this is typical of their complete waste of public funds.

L&Q’s plans include an 8 storey block of housing and a half underground car park. This is a recipe for a crime and drug den and recent local planning applications have been turned down because of the fear of crime that such car parks present. Waltham Forest planning department, along with the local Crime prevention team, have quite rightly resisted new underground car parks-why do L&Q think they will be allowed one? We would also suggest that it is completely inappropriate for 8 storey blocks to overlook a school with the obvious risks that this presents.

It should be made very clear that Waltham Forest has stated that they can meet their housing targets without needing to develop the Stow.

L&Q has clearly failed to understand what the community want. With no passing trade and nowhere to park, do they really think that people will come to the Stow in numbers to walk round the housing estate (plaza) and have a coffee? They are either negligent or deluded. Rather than their sham public consultations which were never advised, and had they properly listened to the local community, they would know that this community wants the thousands of jobs (direct and indirect), heritage, and cheap night out offered by Mr Morton’s plans to return greyhound racing, along with other leisure uses and affordable housing, to the site.

L&Q will waste £30m of part tax payers money if their plans are realised and, in return, offer the community absolutely nothing except crime and a strain on resources. We hope that you will join us at the public consultations at the following times:

Saturday 26th March: 10am – 3pm at the Vestry House Museum (Vestry Road, Walthamstow, E17 9NH)

Monday 28th March: 4pm – 8pm at Rush Croft Sports College (Rushcroft Road, Chingford, London, E4 8SG)

Waltham Forest Council can and must act now to protect this iconic leisure site for future generations, the clear wish of the people that you serve. Councillor Robbins you will personally been held responsible by the residents so will the Labour councillors act now and protect the site … You can and you must.

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  1. i think that l&q like most housing assosiations are a complete joke and need to stop using tax payers money to build rubbish i used to go to the dog track every race night and i think with out i would have been hanging around the streets getting in troble so i think the dog track needs to return i now live in southend on sea but i will try and come to the meeting on monday 28th

  2. Andy Bishop says:

    I think it is worth noting that L and Q have recently created their own construction company so it is likely any development work would be carried out by them and their own employees. There will be no real substainable jobs created.

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