English Heritage – Walthamstow Stadium should be considered in Totality as a Heritage Asset !!

SOS has now received a copy of the letter that English Heritage sent to the Planning Department, London Borough of Waltham Forest.

To view the letter please click here

A few highlights of interest:

‘Walthamstow Stadium has special historic interest as the best surviving and most celebrated Inter-War greyhound stadium, a nationally loved building type expressive of developments in inter-War mass culture and entertainment. It is a major East London landmark and is noted for its neon lighting of 1951’

‘We assume that you have come to your own view on the cartilage listing tests with regard to the pre-1948 structures on the site – we consider that there would be a convincing case that they would be curtilage listed buildings. We consider that they are heritage assets’

‘Walthamstow Stadium is a significant complex in the history of greyhound racing and mass entertainment in England and can be considered in totality as a heritage asset. Its historical and communal values are of significant importance and are evidenced in the stadium layout and the trackside stands and associated buildings as well as in the designated heritage assets. Its architectural significance is also important with its Art-Deco and streamlined buildings and consistent detailing, albeit with altered trackside stands’

English Heritage Conclusion

‘In its current form we would be unable to support a planning application for these proposals and would urge you to refuse it if the scheme came in for permission’

SOS statement:

Saveourstow is delighted that English Heritage has rejected London & Quadrants attempts at trying to change the Iconic “Stow ” from the use of a Greyhound track to a housing estate.

If L&Q want to stop wasting more tax payer money they should now concede and give the residents back their heritage. It is now clear L&Q  will never obtain planning permission. The whole site is classed as a Historical asset by English heritage and should be used for its original use in the report attached.

The Board of L&Q  should hold their heads in shame for spending  18.1 million of part tax payer money  on a viable  greyhound track and still willing to waste more by bleeding the public purse. The Registered Social landlord should be stopped now or stripped of entire funding from any development.

Boris Johnson must protect an historic asset of England from lying in ruins and costing the tax payer millions by immediately “calling in the site”. Under his leadership L&Q have been allowed to squander million of public money and doing so by the day.

The Mayor should honor his pledge when electioneering at the famous stadium and now “stop his blood from running cold” by action on behalf of the public purse and the residents of London.



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3 Responses to English Heritage – Walthamstow Stadium should be considered in Totality as a Heritage Asset !!

  1. DaftAida says:

    Congratulations! Well done, Bob and the SoS team for highlighting the arrogant and fraudulant beligerence of this outfit who have contrived to lose me years in earnings and I’m just a humble tenant. The money squandered in not addressing simple and cheap solutions to problems in their properties from my personal experience is but the tip of an enormous iceberg and by highlighting this example of extortionate waste, one can hope that they will, indeed, be put firmly in their place, which is pretty low down the scale in serving public priorities. Self-serving, incompetant jobs-for-life propagandists with no respect or regard for the misery they cause in exchange for the massive funding they receive both publically and privately. Nice one!

  2. Jon Urwin says:

    Yes, excellent work SoS team.. Fantastic to get English Heritage on side with this.

  3. bill lewis says:

    Hi just to let the people of Walthamstow know, The Drama Workshop of Waltham Forest presents The Ruling Class by Peter Barnes. Feb 18,19,20. 8pm a play for our times.
    Place: The Forest Community Centre Guildford Road, Walthamstow, e17 4ea
    Tickets on 0208 524 7269

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